25 Brown French Tip Manicures Taking Over Our Social Feeds


Manicure with brown French tips and yin/yang accent nail

While French manicures are absolute classics, it feels like they’re having a particular moment right now. After a tragic few years of being rebranded as “grandma nails,” the French mani is back in a big way these days. The timeless design becomes especially 2022 when paired with another major of-the-moment mani trend: chocolate brown nails. The hue is the perfect mix of ’90s nostalgia and modern day chic, donned by the likes of Hailey Bieber and Lily James.

Add brown polish and French tips together and the result is a fresh, modern take on a beloved classic. The brown tips create a more stark contrast than your average French, but at the same time, the neutral hue keeps things classic and simple. And the creativity doesn’t have to end there: A brown French mani makes a perfect neutral base for switching things up and adding some fun nail art.

Scroll ahead for 25 brown French tip manicures we’re saving for our next trip to the nail salon.


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Classic French Tips

Classic French manicure with a brown tip

If you’re looking to add a little twist to your regular French mani, brown tips are the perfect autumnal swap.

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Gradient Nudes

Classic French manicure with gradient nude tips

Why stick to one nude when you can have them all? We love this modern, understated take on ombré nails.

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Baby Brown

Baby French manicure with brown tips

For a more subtle look, try a baby French manicure with brown tips.

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Add a Pop of White

Brown French tip manicure with thin white dividing line

We love the contrast a thin white line adds to a brown French tip manicure.

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Switch Things Up

Brown French tip manicure with two solid brown accent nails

Add a few accent nails in the same brown used for the tips for a subtle, fun twist on the French manicure.

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Outline It

Manicure with brown outlined French tips

More of a minimalist? Consider simply outlining the French tip in brown and leaving the insides bare.

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Something (Baby) Blue

Brown French tip manicure with baby blue outlines

Brown and blue feels very early aughts to us, making it the perfect color combo to bring back right now.

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Add an Accent Nail

Manicure with brown French tips and yin/yang accent nail

The yin/yang accent nail here adds a pop of fun and whimsy to an otherwise classic brown French tip manicure.

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..Or a Few Accent Nails

Brown manicure with French tip and negative space accent nails

Switch things up by adding two accent nails between regularly painted nails. Just use the same color for those accents to keep things cohesive.

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Show Off Your Drip

Sparkly nails with brown dripping tips

This brown French manicure has a delicious twist that reminds us of all our favorite treats. We think it’s so fun.

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Add a Dot

Brown French tips manicure with small accent dots at base of nail

Simplicity isn’t a bad thing. We love the added dot at the base of the nail for an understated touch.

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Why Choose One When You Can Have Both?

Manicure with white and brown French tips half-and-half

If you love a classic French manicure but also love the idea of brown tips, you don’t actually have to choose between them. We’re immediately saving this as inspo for our next manicure.

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Add More Dots

Manicure with dark brown French tips and light brown dots on top

If the single dot look from earlier doesn’t do it for you, consider adding a few on top of your brown French tips. The result is art deco meets classic.

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Match Your BFF

Two hands with coordinating manicures, one brown French tips and one green

Way better than your usual friendship necklace, try coordinating next time you and your bestie spend an afternoon at the nail salon. We love how these two manicures have their own colors of French tips but are connected by the white striped accent nail.

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Add a Little Sparkle

Nude French manicure with sparkly brown outlined tips

We’re obsessed with the subtle sparkle in the brown used here. It’d also look super cute as a classic French tip.

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Shine Bright

French manicure with different neutral-colored tips and rhinestones on top

We have absolutely no notes for this stunning gradient, which takes neutral shades to the next level with a bit of bedazzling.

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Go Wild

French manicure nails with brown leopard print tips

Looking to really amp up your French mani? Try animal print tips for a ferocious twist. We love the leopard look here, but feel free to go for any look your heart desires, such as zebra or cow print.

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Gilded Tips

French manicure with neutral gradient tips and gold dividing outline

We’d love the neutral-toned tips on their own, but adding in that gold outline on the bottom is just the cherry on top.

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Give a Little Love

Manicure with brown French tips and brown heart accent nails

We’re saving this one for our Valentine’s Day look.

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Play With Texture

French manicure with half-matte brown, half-sparkly brown tips

These half-matte, half-sparkly French tips are so chic—and the muted brown shade really lets the textures stand out and speak for themselves.

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Ride the Wave

French manicure with wavy lines in different shades of brown on the tips

For a French manicure that’s anything but basic, get creative with your tips. These wavy lines in different shades of brown are so playful.

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Wear Your Heart on Your…Nail

French manicure with brown and pink tips and small heart designs

From the different-colored tips to the tiny hearts, we’re loving everything about this look.

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Negative Space

Brown manicure with French tips, solid nails, and negative space accent nail

When you think about it, a French manicure is one of the most classic versions of negative space nails, so why not mix your tips with a more abstract design? By using the same brown shade, the look here feels as put-together as it is interesting.

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Brown French manicure with glossy base and matte tips

If you can’t decide whether you want your polish to be reflective or matte, a French manicure that includes both is the perfect solution. The chocolate shade here has us feeling warm and fuzzy.

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’90s Vibes

French manicure with brown, tan, and cream tips with smiley face, wave, sparkle, and flower patterns

Just as ’90s-evocative as tonal brown is the unapologetic embrace of fun patterns and images that bring us joy. We love how this manicure uses a different design on each nail, from smiley faces to daisies to sparkles.

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