Extreme Sweating Can Be a Ache—Right here Are 5 Methods to Handle it


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Extreme sweating is a typical challenge that’s not-so-commonly mentioned. Society has usually deemed it unacceptable, particularly for girls, however the reality is that this naturally occurring challenge is nothing to be ashamed about.

For those who’ve ever thought of in search of remedy for extreme sweating, it is firstly vital to know that you’ve choices. To search out out precisely what these choices are—together with what is likely to be behind your extreme sweating—we reached out to board-certified dermatologists Brandan Camp, MD, and Rebecca Marcus, MD, and medical esthetician Joie Tavernise. Learn on for what they needed to say.


Causes of Extreme Sweating

Earlier than tackling the treatments for extreme sweating, nonetheless, it is first vital to establish the causes. There are two principal sources of sweating, Camp explains—main hyperhidrosis, or a pure trigger, and secondary hyperhidrosis, when an out of doors issue might result in this challenge.

“Hyperhidrosis is the medical time period for extreme sweating,” Camp says. “Typically hyperhidrosis impacts just one a part of the physique, just like the underarms. Some individuals might have extra generalized hyperhidrosis affecting a number of areas, just like the underarms, fingers, and ft. Elevated sweating that isn’t brought on by an underlying medical situation is named main hyperhidrosis. Secondary hyperhidrosis implies that it’s associated to one thing else, like a drugs, thyroid dysfunction, adrenal situation, diabetes, or nervous system dysfunction.”

So when precisely is it time to hunt assist? When it begins impacting your high quality of on a regular basis life, in accordance with Camp. “Some sufferers are available as a result of they’re afraid to shake fingers with somebody as a result of their fingers are so moist. Typically it’s as a result of holding a pen or pencil turns into a problem as a result of the moisture in a single’s palm makes it tough to carry in place.”

Marcus emphasizes that it’s miles extra widespread than individuals understand and that usually their cause for not in search of assist is because of feeling embarrassed or ashamed. “We need to assist,” she reiterates.

Forward, consultants break down how one can deal with extreme sweating.


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It’s going to come as no shock that the commonest choice to fight sweat is an antiperspirant. “Because the identify implies, antiperspirants can assist to cut back the quantity of sweating within the underarms,” Tavernise shares.

You may usually discover this within the type of a deodorant stick. “The energetic ingredient in most antiperspirants is aluminum chloride, which limits the secretion of sweat from sweat glands within the underarm space,” shares Camp. “Antiperspirants can be found over-the-counter and in prescription-strength formulation.”

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You learn that accurately—you need to use injections to deal with extreme sweating. “Botox can be injected into areas of hyperhidrosis and helps to stop the sweat gland from producing an excessive amount of sweat,” says Marcus. “The consequences can last as long as six months. It is a nice remedy for many who need the comfort of much less frequent therapies.”

Neurotoxin injections aside from Botox, similar to Dysport, will also be used efficiently to restrict sweat manufacturing, Camp shares. These injections can be accomplished on the scalp, underarms, palms, and soles. They usually final round three to 4 months.

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If you’re choosing prescription-level remedy, there are a number of choices. This contains prescription wipes, that are usually formulated to cut back sweating within the underarm space and are utilized each evening earlier than sleep, Camp notes.

Different choices embrace Drysol, Qbrexa, and Robinol. “Drysol is a liquid resolution that’s utilized topically to the world of extreme sweating,” Marcus shares. “It’s primarily a really sturdy antiperspirant and helps by blocking the sweat glands and impeding the discharge of sweat. Qbrexa is a prescription remedy that’s utilized topically to areas of sweating. It really works by blocking receptors which can be chargeable for sweat gland activation. It’s normally the subsequent step if somebody has failed Drysol and further power antiperspirants. Robinol is a tablet that helps by lowering secretions general. Potential negative effects embrace dry mouth and complications.”

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Radiofrequency Microneedling

“Radiofrequency microneedling can even be used as an in-office remedy to ablate the eccrine glands within the axilla for a extra sturdy discount in sweating,” shares Camp. In additional easy phrases, it is primarily used for the destruction of sweat glands. This remedy is usually painless and usually has little-to-no downtime post-treatment.

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“miraDry is an power system that makes use of microwave power to completely harm the sweat glands and scale back and even almost remove sweating,” explains Marcus. “That is for individuals who have failed all different therapies and are searching for a everlasting resolution.”

miraDry have to be administered by a licensed healthcare practitioner and is at the moment the one non-surgical FDA-cleared process to deal with extreme sweat.


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