How You Can (and Cannot) Take away Acrylic Nails at Residence


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Nail lengthening manicures have the repute of being damaging. Take acrylics, for instance. Though they create a more durable, extra sturdy nail floor and provide extra space for stylish nail artwork designs, many individuals keep away from them as a result of concept that they trigger extra hurt than good. However, newsflash: “It’s not the product that causes harm, says celeb manicurist and founding father of Julie Ok Nail Artelier, Julie Kandalec. “It’s the improper utility—curing too lengthy and utilizing the unsuitable base coat and lamp wattage—and elimination.

With that in thoughts, forward you’ll find out how it is best to (and shouldn’t) take away acrylic nails at dwelling. By mastering (and avoiding) these methods, you’ll be capable to get pleasure from the advantages of acrylics with none of the supposed harm.


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DO: Soak your acrylic nails.

Relating to eradicating acrylic nails, “soaking the factitious nails in 100% acetone with endurance works finest,” says board-certified dermatologist Dr. Alicia Zalka, who’s the founding father of  Floor Deep. She says the method can take about 20 minutes.

The one draw back of this technique is that it’s typically partnered with layering every fingertip with an acetone-soaked cotton ball, which is then held in place with a tightly wrapped sq. of aluminum foil. It’s not probably the most environmentally pleasant technique. That stated, to make this magnificence behavior a bit extra sustainable, contemplate choosing an extended soak sans cotton balls or acetone. It’s going to take longer, but it surely’s kinder to the planet.

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DON’T: Use rubbing alcohol.

Acetone and rubbing alcohol are usually not the identical. Based on Kandalec—the girl behind the nails on the Intercourse and the Metropolis reboot, And Simply Like That—rubbing alcohol gained’t do something to melt an acrylic nail enhancement. She says that it’s finest prevented.

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DO: Carry out a rolling approach.

Whereas most acrylic nail elimination movies present folks utilizing nail instruments to pluck and scrape acrylics off their nails after they’ve been softened, Kandalec says {that a} rolling approach—what she refers to as “the soak and roll”—works finest.

To carry out a soak and roll, she says that you simply’ll want the next:

  • one hundred pc pure acetone
  • Two to a few coarse nail information (100/180 grit)
  • A padded buffer
  • One to 2 orange wooden sticks
  • A medium-grit nail file (220/320 grit)
  • A fine-grit nail file (400/600 grit)
  • A towel
  • Cuticle oil
  • A glass or ceramic (by no means plastic) bowl.

Upon getting all of your provides, Kandalec says to start by softening the sting of your coarse information by rubbing them on the facet of one other coarse nail file so that you simply don’t reduce your cuticles. “Utilizing the coarse, 100 or 180 grit file, file as a lot of the product off as you’ll be able to,” she instructs. “That is vital as a result of it cuts down soaking time considerably.”

In the event you’re frightened about how this may have an effect on your nail well being, Kandalec assures us that making a tough floor is definitely higher for elimination. “Leaving the floor further tough will permit the acetone to penetrate simpler,” she explains.

Subsequent, Kandalec says to pour about three inches of acetone into your bowl and place your hand in it. Fairly than doing each arms without delay, she recommends soaking one by one with the intention to textual content or snack if you want. Whereas soaking, she says to cowl your hand with a towel to stop any evaporation. “It’s going to permit the acetone to work quicker,” she explains.

After about 10 to fifteen minutes of soaking, Kandalec says that your acrylics needs to be notably softened. “Gently nudge the acrylic in the direction of the tip of the nail utilizing an orangewood stick (not metallic),” she says. “By no means push in the direction of the cuticle (or in opposition to the grain) simply after they’ve been soaking in acetone.” Doing so can result in slips, which may doubtlessly reduce and jab your cuticles.

In the event you discover that your acrylic is notably softened and capable of nudge, Kandalec says to make use of your medium grit nail file to roll the softened acrylic off every nail till it doesn’t roll anymore. If acrylic stays, she says to repeat the soaking course of till all of the acrylic can roll off every nail. “End by flippantly smoothing nails together with your high-quality grit file and apply cuticle oil to rehydrate your nails and pores and skin,” she says.

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DON’T: Clip your acrylic nails.

When you have lengthy acrylic nails, you could really feel inclined to clip them right down to make the elimination course of simpler. Nevertheless, Kandalec says to not. Since they’re so securely bonded to every nail, she says that clipping can doubtlessly crack the nail beneath, which might result in long-term harm. Yikes!

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DON’T: Use dental floss.

TikTok is perhaps recognized for sharing magnificence hacks however that doesn’t imply that each hack is legit. Working example: Dental floss acrylic nail elimination. “Professionally, I don’t suggest utilizing dental floss to take away acrylic nails,” says Kandalec, who not too long ago launched the second version of her fashionable Nail Artwork E book. “Floss lifts the enhancement up off the nail improperly and may trigger long-lasting harm to the nail plate, which you by no means need.”

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DON’T: Use an e-file.

Whereas e-files are sometimes utilized in salon settings, Zalka doesn’t suggest them for at-home use. “Utilizing a nail drilling software at dwelling can simply go unsuitable,  particularly if you happen to maintain the software in your non-dominant hand and have questionable dexterity,” she warns. “I go away this for an expert to make use of.”

Kandalec tacks onto this, noting that e-files (quick for electrical file) are protected within the arms of somebody who is correctly educated. “Utilizing e-files requires specialty coaching and with out understanding the correct bits to make use of, the path it ought to rotate, the proper angle and stress, or the RPMs, you’ll be able to trigger severe harm to your nail plate,” she explains.

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DO: Enlist a professional.

​​Though there are a few methods to soundly take away acrylic nails at dwelling, it might probably shortly go unsuitable with out ample endurance or the fitting instruments. It’s due to this that acrylics are so misunderstood. “If you don’t take away acrylic nails correctly, you’ll harm the nail mattress and your nails will grow to be very fragile,” says Emma Eskander, the salon director of fashionable NYC-based nail studio, Gilded Ritual. “To repairs the power and wellbeing of your nails, it’s endorsed to go to an expert nail salon for any elimination providers. There’s a value to the service, however there may be long-term worth for the well-being of your nails.

The Last Takeaway

There are many perks for acrylic nails—particularly the true property they supply for nail artwork and the season’s high nail polish colours. Nevertheless, if you happen to don’t have the time to take away them your self correctly or the cash to enlist the assistance of a professional, Zalka recommends skipping them altogether.

“Personally, I keep away from acrylics and gel nails,” she says. “There isn’t any fast option to take away acrylic nails. And harm achieved to the nails [rushed, improper removal], can have long-lasting implications.”

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