I Got a Five-Star Facial at this “Bachelor”-Approved Spa



When I was invited to Farmington, Pennsylvania with the promise of next-level spa experiences—I was curious. Call me naive (or, simply, stuck in my NYC apartment for too long), but a tropical location seemed like the only option to truly deliver luxury escapism. Nonetheless, I was excited to escape the city. A three-hour flight and two-hour drive later, I arrived at Nemacolin. And I haven’t been the same since. Below, find out everything you need to know about the best-kept secret on the East Coast.

What Is Nemacolin?

nemacolin château

I arrived at Nemacolin in the dead of winter. A shuttle took me up to the property and I was greeted by lush greenery and a French-inspired buildings. Upon arrival, I learned the this is where Matt James’ season of The Bachelor was filmed and I instantly understood why.

Before embarking on my Woodlands Spa journey, I toured the gorgeous property, decked in acres of lush land, millions of dollars of fine art, a handful of delicious dining options (including the award-winning Lautrec,) and a ton of activities.

What Does Nemacolin’s Woodlands Spa Offer?

nemacolin woodlands spa

Tucked away inside two auto-open doors is a massive oasis to serve nearly all of your beauty needs. You’ll find pools, hot tubs, a full-service gym, a salon with hair and nail services, and much more. There are saunas (I spent a lot of time in the pink Himalayan option) and a ton of treatment rooms. It’s an escape within the resort where you can indeed spend a full day (or two) getting pampered.

“The spa provides guests with the ultimate experience through modern luxury treatments and traditional, holistic practices incorporating traditional Chinese medicine and eastern philosophies,” Katlyn Hatcher, the director of spa and wellness, says. “There’s truly a treatment for every type of person.”

Not to be confused with your average resort spa, Nemacolin also partners with top-notch brands and influencers to innovate its spa offerings. Recently, the resort hooked up with celebrity nail artist Nails by Mei to create custom designs for guests looking for fancier nail options. “Our goal is to connect with industry leaders like Biologique Recherche and Nails by Mei to create an ultra-personalized experience that pushes the boundaries of traditional spa offerings,” Hatcher explains.

The Woodland’s spa menu offers a variety of year-round face and body treatments along with a variety of seasonal options. I enjoyed some pumpkin-themed treatments—which felt like a warm hug for my skin—in the dead of winter. Still, if you’re planning a visit, you can check the spa’s menu to see what treatments are in season.

The Facial

aimee simeon's skin before and after a facial at nemacolin's woodland's spa

I’ve gotten a lot of facials over the years, and I can usually quickly discern whether I’ll walk out feeling relatively regular or highly impressed. When I entered the treatment room, I knew I was in for the latter. The room was quiet, lightly dimmed, extremely clean, and overall zen.

Though I was in for the seasonal treatment, my esthetician took her time to evaluate my skin under a bright light while she asked me a series of detailed questions. Even though Nemacolin designed the experience with a seasonal twist, it was still very much tailored to my specific skin goals, which I appreciated. For 80 minutes, my skin was multi-cleansed (I requested extractions, but be sure to discuss skipping that step if you wish), multi-masked, and adequately massaged. The esthetician used a series of professional-grade treatments, along with a pumpkin enzyme mask and one of my forever favorites: Naturopathica’s Cherry Enzyme Peel. I swear, I can ID that mask blindfolded from miles away. Nonetheless, the 80-minute experience didn’t stop at my face: My arms and hands got a deep massage while my treatments sank in.

After aromatherapy, my facial was complete. My tired, stressed skin was polished and glowing. I woke up (because, yes, I was asleep) to completely glossy skin. So much so, I skipped makeup for dinner.

The Massage

This massage set the bar for what all luxury massage experiences should be like. I got the pumpkin-iteration of Woodland’s customized body treatment (available in 80 and 110 minutes), which includes a combination of a body scrub, body wrap, and massage. My body was scrubbed down using pumpkin enzyme product in a dark candlelit room. Nemacolin smartly designed the massage room with a standing shower, so when my therapist was done with the exfoliation step, I could comfortably rinse off. I returned to the massage table, where my therapist applied a hydrating body treatment and tucked me in plastic and a warm towel. I drifted into a light nap before rinsing off.

When those two steps were complete, I indulged in an hour-long massage with aromatherapy that targeted my achy areas, like my shoulders and back. When it was all said and done, I felt like an overcooked noodle in the absolute best way. My skin was smooth, my sleep was more restful, and my body felt much more relaxed for the duration of my trip.

What To Expect

If you’re planning on immersing in a spa day at Nemacolin’s Woodlands Spa, you’ll have to be a guest at the resort. Still, it’s worth planning a long weekend or a vacation and adding a spa experience (or day) to your itinerary. Suppose you want an alternative option to a spa day. In that case, you can visit the Holistic Healing Center, which includes a variety of treatments like cryotherapy, acupuncture, cupping, light therapy, and more.

The Cost

A day at Nemacolin’s spa will cost the average person a pretty penny, with massages and facials starting at $250. While comparable to service costs at other luxury or premium spas, you should consider that Nemacolin’s spa services are only available to resort guests. So your spa tab will be in addition to the overall cost of your stay.

The Final Takeaway

My time at Nemacolin was unlike any luxury trip I’ve ever experienced stateside—and the spa was a massive part of that. I left the property happy, rested, and glowing. As for anything I’ve ever thought about luxury on the East Coast? Those are long gone. While I was lucky enough to experience the trip with the purpose of consideration for review, it’s a place I’d visit a million times over. If you need a serious getaway, spa day included, (which—don’t we all at this point?) I’d highly recommend saving your coins, stat.

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