10 Dumbbell Leg Exercises to Add to Your Routine ASAP


Whenever you consider dumbbells, likelihood is the workouts that come to thoughts are ones to construct arm energy, comparable to bicep curls or tricep kickbacks. For leg workouts, we are inclined to assume we’d like greater gear like weighted barbells or Nautilus machines.

That truly is not the case, although. Dumbbells will be extremely efficient instruments for constructing your leg muscle tissues. Leg workouts utilizing dumbbells can work all kinds of muscle tissues and muscle teams, they usually can be utilized for firming or to construct extra muscle mass. For those who’re a fan of smaller gear, dumbbell leg exercise strikes could also be one of the best new addition to your exercise routine.

From lunges to squats, we have given all the fundamental leg strikes you already know and love a dumbbell makeover. Learn on for 10 totally different dumbbell leg workouts, straight from health execs Pleasure Puleo and Nico Gonzalez.

Meet the Knowledgeable

  • Pleasure Puleo, MA, PMA-CPT, is this system supervisor at Balanced Physique Schooling and a Pilates skilled.
  • Nico Gonzalez is an built-in motion specialist, grasp teacher for Balanced Physique Schooling, and the proprietor of Health Physiques by Nico G.

Security and Precautions

Utilizing dumbbells for leg strikes usually requires you to carry the dumbbells in your palms, so to do these strikes it’s best to first guarantee you could have enough energy for that, and that you’re freed from any wrist or shoulder accidents. These strikes should not be carried out when you’ve got any decrease physique or again accidents. Moreover, Puleo tells us that “including dumbbells must be finished solely as soon as the first type of the train is mastered.”

“Populations who must be cautious or who may wish to keep away from a few of these workouts would come with purchasers who’re pregnant and those that are tremendous versatile,” continues Puleo. “As a being pregnant progresses, the pregnant particular person will grow to be laxer of their joints and ligaments. When doing leg works outs, including dumbbells—in the event that they haven’t already been doing these workouts previous to being pregnant—wouldn’t yield sufficient outcomes for the danger. Whereas workouts comparable to squats and lunges are nice for the pelvic ground, doing them too deeply and with added weight may also have the alternative impact and destructive influence.”

“Purchasers who’re tremendous versatile should be cautious when including dumbbells to their leg exercise,” says Puleo. “Management of the burden and good decrease physique mechanics are a should to keep away from the danger of a shopper hurting themselves.”

10 Dumbbell Leg Exercises

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Ahead Lunge and Knee Steadiness

Forward Lunge and Knee Balance

  • Holding a dumbbell in your palms, step ahead with one leg. Gonzalez recommends your legs be at a 90-degree angle.
  • Whereas holding regular, twist your torso towards your entrance leg.
  • Twist your torso again to beginning place, and push off your entrance heel, balanced on one leg.
  • Return to your beginning place. Repeat.

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Single Leg Deadlift and Again Leg Raise

Single Leg Deadlift and Back Leg Lift

  • Maintain a dumbbell in a single hand and step again with the leg on that aspect. “Preserve all of your weight on the entrance leg that has a barely bent knee,” says Gonzalez.
  • Together with your torso impartial and your abs engaged, hinge ahead at your waist.
  • Raise your again leg and squat down.
  • Decrease your leg again down and return your torso again up. “The entrance foot must be linked into the foot within the massive toe, little toe, and heel,” says Gonzalez. “Really feel the triangular connection into the ground to maintain your self balanced.”

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Squat and Overhead Press Twist

Squat and Overhead Press Twist

  • Maintain a dumbbell in your palms, in entrance of your chest.
  • Decrease right into a squat. “As you flex the hips, knees, and ankles to decrease into the squat, the higher physique additionally tilts over the legs,” says Puleo. “The backbone stays impartial because the torso tilts and balances over the thighs.”
  • Return your legs to standing. Together with your arms, press your palms overhead and twist your torso so that you’re turning to at least one aspect.
  • Repeat on the opposite aspect.

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Hip Raise and March

Hip Lift and March

  • Lie in your again on the ground or on a mat. Your knees must be bent, and your toes flat.
  • Raise your hips off the bottom and place a dumbbell in your hips. This could seem as a straight line out of your hips to your knees.
  • Increase one leg off the bottom as if in a marching transfer.
  • Decrease that leg, and lift the opposite leg equally. Repeat.

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Facet Lunge and Soccer Kick

Side Lunge and Soccer Kick

  • Holding a dumbbell in a single hand, lunge to that aspect and hinge ahead at your waist. Gonzalez says to maintain your “knee and toe dealing with the entrance for correct alignment. “
  • Return to your beginning place, and soccer kick your leg throughout your physique whereas doing a bicep curl with the dumbbell.
  • Repeat on the opposite aspect.

For an added problem, whereas within the lunge you’ll be able to add a row with the dumbbell.

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Weighted Deadlift

Weighted Deadlift

  • Maintain a dumbbell in every hand. Your arms must be straight, and your knees barely bent.
  • Bend ahead at your hips. Conserving your again straight, decrease the weights down. If it’s worthwhile to modify the transfer, Puleo says to restrict your vary of movement and never decrease all the way in which down.
  • Squeeze your glutes and press again up into your beginning place. Repeat.

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One Arm Dumbbell Deadlift

One Arm Dumbbell Deadlift

  • Stand together with your toes shoulder-width aside, with a dumbbell on the ground exterior of one in every of your toes.
  • Squat and seize the dumbbell together with your hand. Your again must be flat and your chest must be up, together with your gaze in entrance of you.
  • Press together with your legs, holding the dumbbell, till you might be again to standing. Then, decrease again down and launch the dumbbell again to the ground.
  • Repeat on the opposite aspect.

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Break up-Lunge-Step-Ahead-Again


  • Stand together with your toes hip-width aside, holding dumbbells in each palms.
  • Drop one leg again right into a lunge place. 
  • With out getting up, transfer that leg ahead so it meets your entrance leg, nonetheless in a squatting place.
  • Drop that leg again into the lunge place, with the identical foot behind you, and stand again up. The act of this could seem like stepping ahead after which again. 
  • Repeat on the opposite aspect. 

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Stroll The Plank

Walk the Plank

  • Maintain a dumbbell in every hand, in entrance of you, together with your legs extensive and turned out.
  • Squat down and place the dumbbells on the ground.
  • Stroll your self again right into a plank place, one leg at a time. “Think about smashing the ground with the dumbbells whereas in plank to maintain the higher physique energetic and in good posture,” says Gonzalez. “Join your stomach button into your backbone to maintain your low again from dropping.”
  • Pause in plank, then stroll again right into a squat place once more.
  • Stand again up, once more holding the dumbbells.

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Cross Behind Lunge

Cross Behind Lunge

  • Maintain one dumbbell in your palms in entrance of you.
  • Shift your weight to at least one leg as you cross the opposite leg behind you. Make sure that your hips face ahead as you do that; Gonzalez says to “be conscious to solely cross the leg so far as you’ll be able to hold your hips from rotating. It’s not about how massive the motion is however fairly performing the motion together with your finest type.”
  • Decrease each legs in the direction of the ground in a lunge, holding your weight within the entrance leg and your chest up.
  • Step again as much as your beginning place.
  • Repeat on the opposite aspect.

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