How To Recreate Three Bold and Colorful Eye Looks Inspired by Hunter Schafer


We love a bold eye moment. Whether it’s monochromatic, graphic, glittery, or smoky, there isn’t a look we aren’t more than willing to try here at Byrdie. So of course when Shiseido’s new POP PowderGel Eyeshadow ($22) popped up on our radar with a campaign starring global makeup ambassador Hunter Schafer as the face of the collection, we had to get the full details.

The latest launch from Shiseido includes 15 shades of the new POP PowderGel Eyeshadow ($22) and the MicroLiner Ink ($22) in five bright new colors. The campaign features Schafer wearing vivid makeup looks using the new powder-gel shadows. After all, who better to convince us to experiment with saturated shadows and colorful liners than the actress behind one of TV’s most influential beauty forces: Jules from Euphoria?

To walk us through Hunter Schafer’s makeup looks (and the best way to get that solid color payoff), we reached out to makeup artist Deanna Paley. Paley’s own signature creations usually include bold hues and her work—as seen on iconic clients like SZA and Saweetie—is just as striking, bright, and glossy. 

Hunter Schafer

Shiseido, Eyeshadow

POP PowderGel Eye Shadow

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How to Apply

The POP PowderGel Eyeshadows have all the intensity of a pigmented gel with a texture that feels and applies like a powder. “I immediately noticed the depth and creaminess of these eyeshadows. I felt like I could almost fingerpaint with them—the colors were just so rich,” says Schafer of the brand’s new products.

While the shadows and liner are highly pigmented, the makeup artist has a few tips for getting the most out of each color. First, prep your eyes with an eyeshadow primer to get the brightest color and longest wear. Oh, and don’t forget to use her genius blending technique: “I usually recommend warming up the eyeshadow for a bit to make sure you get the best blend possible,” Paley explains. 

The liners also have a unique formula that turns the solid liner into a liquid formula when warmed up on the skin. Paley recommends warming the liners up on your hand before application—this helps the product glide smoothly onto the skin. “The shadows and liner are perfect for creating monochromatic pops of color,” she adds. “I like to layer the pencil smudged out with the shadow packed on top.”

Get the Look

Hunter Schafer

Shiseido, Eyeshadow

POP PowderGel Eye Shadow in Zaa-Zaa Navy

Bold Blue

This exaggerated blue shadow happens to be one of Hunter’s favorite shades from the collection. “There is something emotional about this shade of blue. It has depth and I really like the way it catches the light. It’s like a painting. I want to live in it,” she says of the Zaa-Zaa Navy shade.

Paley recommends two techniques for getting the most out of this stunning navy. To recreate Hunter’s editorial look, “I would place Zaa-Zaa Navy all over the lids with a flat brush to pack on the color then lightly dust Shari-Shari Silver all over to lighten the color up and give it a more metallic dimension,” Paley explains.

For a more wearable everyday look, the makeup artist says, “you can blend this out so that there are no harsh lines at the crease of the eye and possibly add a pop of light in the inner corners using Shin-Shin Crystal to really tie it all together.”

Hunter Schafer

Neutral Eye palette

POP PowderGel Eye Shadow in Sube-Sube Beige

Soft Neutrals

“I also really loved the neutral eye she wore,” Paley says of Schafer’s campaign makeup. “To achieve this I would apply Sube-Sube Beige all over the lids with a flat brush and extend the shape going towards the temples to create an elongated more editorial shape,” she adds.

With strong shade payoff and saturated formulas, the possibilities for colorful and graphic looks are endless with Shiseido’s new line of eye liners and shadows. And they’re Hunter Schafer-approved. You can shop the new collection at

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