6 Thigh Workout routines for Lengthy, Lean Muscle groups


Your thigh energy speaks volumes about your normal health and performance. As one of many primary muscle teams within the physique, the thighs are answerable for creating steadiness and concord all through. The extra we work them, the extra seemingly we’ll have ease of every day motion in years to return.

An anatomy breakdown from NASM-certified MYXFitness coach Lauren Sambataro explains: “The thigh is comprised of three muscle teams: quadriceps advanced (anteriorly), hamstrings advanced (posteriorly), and the adductor advanced (medially), lovingly generally known as the interior thighs.” The stronger these muscle tissue, the extra balanced and secure your physique.

Probably the most environment friendly strategy to work the thighs requires no ritzy health club gear. In reality, many thigh workout routines could be carried out with simply your physique weight, a dumbbell, and even inventive use of objects across the house.

Undecided the place to begin? Learn on for our skilled suggestions and 6 thigh workout routines you must attempt in your subsequent exercise.

Meet the Skilled

  • Lauren Sambataro is a NASM-certified MYXfitness coach.
  • Jenna Kilgore MS, NASM-CPT, FNS, is a Noom coach.

Security and Precautions

Although thigh workout routines are usually secure when carried out with correct kind, some, particularly these that are weight-bearing, are much less appropriate in case you are affected by accidents of the decrease again, shins, calves, and/or hips. It’s additionally vital to dynamically heat up the physique earlier than understanding to cut back areas of tightness and make sure the muscle tissue and joints are limber sufficient to finish the exercise with out inflicting pressure to the physique.


There has additionally been a lot dialogue with reference to “spot treating” for individuals who wish to change the looks of a selected space, such because the thighs. That is, nonetheless, an unproven technique. As a substitute, science factors to cardio—reminiscent of high-intensity interval coaching—to strip undesirable fats throughout your entire physique, and energy coaching or conditioning to construct and tone muscle.

One other widespread perception is that if you happen to’re genetically predisposed to have “skinny” legs, you merely cannot construct muscle. Though it may be extra of a problem, it’s extremely attainable to create energy within the decrease physique with a tailor-made lifting program and maybe just a few food regimen swaps right here and there.

Advantages of Thigh Workout routines

When it comes to performance, thigh muscle tissue are what get the leg transferring on the knee. “The quads and hamstrings enable your leg to bend/flex and prolong, while the adductors assist pull the leg collectively,” says Noom coach Jenna Kilgore. In different phrases, the thighs play an important position within the effectivity of our day-to-day motion. 

Nonetheless, over-working particular muscle tissue could cause imbalances between the appropriate and left sides of the physique. “Mostly, we’re quad dominant, which is why it’s vital to not depart the hamstrings out of the equation,” cautions Sambataro. “Multi-joint workout routines, fairly than isolation workout routines, are the easiest way to combine the thigh muscle tissue to maintain us secure and powerful, and to forestall damage.”

Talking of damage prevention, Kilgore touches upon the decreased chance of “damage and/or fall danger, and likewise simpler rehabilitation with current accidents” when our thighs are labored equally. Provides Sambataro: “It is vital to not isolate the thigh muscle tissue as they work synergistically on joints and bones, and likewise as a crew to flex, prolong, and rotate the legs.”

6 Thigh Workout routines to Attempt

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Multi-Directional Lunge

Multi-Directional Lunge

Focusing on all of the muscle tissue of the thigh, the multi-directional lunge improves mobility within the decrease physique in addition to enhancing your agility.

  • Begin with the appropriate foot planted and stroll or step the left foot again.
  • Ensure to place the pinnacle and eyes ahead and hold your pelvis and shoulders to the entrance.
  • Sink the physique down right into a lunge earlier than pushing on the entrance heel to return to the beginning place.
  • Subsequent, step the left foot to the facet in a lateral lunge, maintaining the appropriate leg straight and pushing via the appropriate heel to deliver your self again to the middle.
  • Now, step the left leg ahead and sink right into a lunge earlier than returning again.
  • Lastly, cross the left leg behind the appropriate right into a curtsey lunge, to work the quads and interior thighs.
  • Swap legs and full on the opposite facet.

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Sumo Squat Rotation

Sumo Squat Rotation

A sumo squat rotation is a go-to train for enhancing flexibility within the hamstrings and dealing the interior thighs.

  • Stand together with your toes barely wider than hip-width aside and switch your toes out, externally rotating your hips.
  • Along with your arms clasped collectively at your chest or in your hips, squat down, maintaining your again straight and your higher physique lifted.
  • From right here, internally rotate one leg to succeed in a lunge place, then return to the middle.
  • Alternate backward and forward.

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Eccentric Bounce Squats

Eccentric Jump Squats

The eccentric (reducing) part of this train hundreds and elongates the muscle tissue of the thigh, earlier than including a plyometric factor to extend your energy.

  • Sustaining a impartial backbone, push your hips again and slowly descend into your squat for a depend of three, guaranteeing the knees will not be passing the toes.
  • Sink all the way down to the underside of your squat.
  • With energy, push into your heels and squeeze your glutes as you leap into the air, touchdown softly with management and again right into a squat.
  • Repeat with a tempo of three counts down, one depend up.

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Slim Stance Pulse Squat

Narrow Stance Pulse Squat

This train is just like an everyday again squat, besides your toes will stay nearer than shoulder-width aside to focus on the quads and adductor muscle tissue.

  • Along with your toes positioned in a slim stance, decrease right into a squat place as if you’re going to sit down on a chair, and pause the place snug.
  • Pulse up a brief distance—not more than midway—after which again down.
  • Proceed the pulsing for just a few rounds earlier than returning to the beginning place and repeating.

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Kickstand Romanian Deadlift

Kickstand Romanian Deadlift

This train works the posterior chain of the physique, particularly the hamstrings and adductors, to extend energy and decrease physique energy.

  • Stand in a staggered stance, with the appropriate leg ahead and nearly all of your weight balanced on the foot. The rear leg is used for assist however should not carry a lot of the load.
  • Both utilizing your physique weight or with a dumbbell/kettlebell, hinge on the hips, sustaining a impartial backbone, whereas reaching in direction of the ground.
  • Squeeze your glutes as you elevate again up, maintaining a impartial backbone. You must really feel the motion within the hamstring.
  • Repeat for 8-12 repetitions and swap legs.

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Shoulder Bridge and Squeeze

Shoulder Bridge and Squeeze

This can be a basic Pilates transfer which engages your core, works the glutes and abs, and likewise stabilizes the shoulders. Including a squeeze to the motion enlists the interior thighs. 

  • Lie in your again with each toes on the ground and place a ball between your knees to have interaction the interior thighs.
  • Push via the heels right into a bridge place, squeezing your glutes on the prime.
  • Whereas sustaining this place, squeeze the ball between knees and maintain for 10-20 seconds.
  • Decrease again down and repeat for just a few rounds.

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