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Whereas many individuals use cartilage piercing to discuss with a standard piercing model like an industrial or a cosy, the time period is definitely a class of piercing reasonably than a selected one. Your ear consists of pores and skin coated by cartilage, and any piercing that goes by that cartilage is, nicely, a cartilage piercing! There are about 10 totally different sorts of cartilage piercings, every with its personal distinctive placement and look.

Whether or not you desire a basic industrial piercing or need to strive one thing extra daring like a tragus piercing, right here’s what that you must find out about cartilage piercings.

Meet the Knowledgeable

  • Michael Johnson is an expert piercer at A Depraved Sensation.
  • Tylar Burson is a Texas-based skilled piercer.
  • Amanda Robone is a piercer at Clear Imaginative and prescient Tattoo.


The helix is likely one of the extra frequent forms of cartilage piercing and could also be what you consider when piercing model is talked about. A helix piercing is positioned on the higher ear and may be achieved as a stud or a hoop. When it comes to ache, “Most individuals report that it often stings at a few 5 out of 10,” says Michael Johnson, an expert piercer at A Depraved Sensation. “The soreness afterward sometimes aches for a few week after the piercing is completed, [though].” Anticipate to pay round $35-$50 for a cartilage piercing however understand that the worth relies on a number of components: your piercer’s expertise, the store’s requirements, the jewellery, and extra.

Ahead Helix

Whereas additionally pierced on the higher ear, a ahead helix is positioned in a extra ahead place above the tragus or the small little bit of cartilage in entrance of the ear canal. Ahead helix piercings are trickier than typical helix piercings as a consequence of having to be lined up appropriately along with your ear particularly. It’s a good suggestion to discover a very skilled piercer for this model to make sure it seems precisely as you need.

A ahead helix could also be a few 5 or 6 out of 10 on the ache scale. You’ll be able to anticipate it to value wherever from $30-$100, and it’s possible you’ll even need to pay an extra payment for the jewellery because it has to suit your ear. 


Your tragus is the small flap of cartilage straight in entrance of your ear canal. This spot is a extra unusual alternative, however it’s a singular spot in order for you a little bit of an sudden piercing.

A tragus is a difficult piercing to carry out, although; the method needs to be shifted relying on the scale and form of your tragus because it has to work along with your ear particularly. Due to this fact, it’s crucial to seek out an skilled piercer should you’re fascinated with a tragus piercing. “The tragus piercing is of the extra complicated piercings relating to the tactic of the piercing,” says Tylar Burson, a Texas-based skilled piercer. “What makes it troublesome is getting the right angle with the needle and the right depth. There are additionally strategies we take to make sure we don’t pierce some other space across the tragus since it’s in a compact space.”

With an skilled piercer, a tragus piercing could also be a few 4 to six on the ache scale. Nevertheless, says Johnson, “the popping sound of the cartilage in entrance of your ear canal tends to make individuals really feel queasy.” Pricewise, a tragus piercing will in all probability be round $40-$60, although it might be extra relying on the studio, piercer, and the piercing itself.


Industrial piercings are usually a reasonably widespread alternative for cartilage piercings. Nevertheless, industrials are technically two piercings in a single; it consists of a barbell connecting a helix piercing and a ahead helix piercing. These piercings are inclined to have a fame for being edgy since they’re apparent and have a clunkier look.

Since an industrial are two piercings, “It will probably vary wherever between $40-$120, relying on the piercer and what steel they supply for the piercing,” says Burson. Many piercers will embrace the price of the jewellery within the worth, however make sure to ask your piercer earlier than committing. The ache of this one is barely reasonable — a few 5-6 out of 10 — however it’s frequent to really feel a bit extra ache residually after the precise piercing is completed.


Daith piercings undergo the small flap of cartilage straight above the ear canal, near the center of the ear. Whereas these piercings look cool, in addition they serve a medical objective: daith piercings assist with migraines. Since these piercings align with acupuncture factors, getting one is like fixed strain on that time, and a few individuals have discovered migraine reduction from it. One other distinctive facet of daiths is that, not like most piercings, a hoop — reasonably than a stud — is recommended in the course of the therapeutic course of.

“I’d need to say my very own private expertise with this piercing was not unhealthy in any respect, in all probability a two out of 10,” says Burson. “I’ve gotten very blended reactions as nicely from shoppers — some saying it was the simplest piercing they’ve gotten and a few saying it was essentially the most troublesome.” When it comes to worth, you’ll more than likely pay between $35-$60 for a daith piercing.


There are two components to the conch, making two totally different sorts of piercings: an inside conch and an outer conch. Each are pierced by the center shell of the ear, the thickest piece of cartilage on that a part of the physique. An inside conch piercing goes by the higher a part of the center shell, near the ear canal. An outer conch, however, goes by the decrease half. The piercing’s identify comes from the center shell, which appears to be like like a conch seashell.

In accordance with Amanda Robone, a piercer at Clear Imaginative and prescient Tattoo, you must anticipate a price beginning at round $70 for a conch piercing, as it’s a must to think about a needle payment and price of bijou. “It is pricier than the mall, clearly, however it’s an evening and day distinction so far as jewellery high quality, therapeutic time, and customer support,” says Robone. “You undoubtedly get what you pay for!”


An anti-tragus piercing sits on the outer fringe of the tragus, above the earlobe, reasonably than the half closest to your head. That is one other piercing that’s considerably fitted to your anatomy, because it requires your anti-tragus to be pretty outstanding. If it’s not, will probably be trickier to pierce, and a few piercers could even decline to carry out the method in the event that they don’t suppose they will work with the form of your ear.

Anti-tragus ache is a little more intense, actually because it’s an unknown feeling, and it’s tough to pierce. When it comes to worth, anticipate a baseline of round $45-$60, although some piercers could cost extra, contemplating an anti-tragus piercing requires a bit extra effort.


Rook piercings are vertical piercings which might be positioned on the cartilage straight above the ahead helix. Crucial factor to find out about rook piercings is that they’re typically known as one of the crucial painful ear piercings obtainable, however it’s usually not that unhealthy. “The Rook piercing isn’t too painful; it is like a 5 on a scale of 10,” says Robone. “Most of my shoppers inform me it is not practically as unhealthy as they thought it will be.”

It’s additionally difficult to pierce usually, so an especially skilled piercer is really useful for such a piercing. Anticipate to pay a bit extra due to the expertise mandatory. A rook piercing will more than likely run you round $35-$50, although it additionally issues on components just like the studio, piercer, and extra.


The cosy piercing is a horizontal piercing that goes by the inside rim of the cartilage above the anti-tragus. The piercing earns its identify from being in a small space that appears to hug the folds of your ears—nearly prefer it’s snuggling it. Nevertheless, solely small jewellery like curved barbells (most typical) or a small hoop will work for this piercing due to its tight placement.

Anticipate a price of between $45-$70. And for ache? Sadly, it’s round an eight or 9 on the ache scale and is taken into account one of the crucial painful.


The orbital is one other much less frequent alternative of cartilage piercing, although it presents a singular look for individuals who need one thing a bit totally different. This sort of piercing is just like an industrial piercing, because it connects two totally different piercings. Nevertheless, an orbital is pierced with a hoop reasonably than a barbell. This provides the piercing the phantasm that it’s floating and orbiting the ear, therefore its identify. Typical piercings which might be used for an orbital embrace helixes, rooks, or inside conches.

A cartilage orbital is taken into account to be much less painful, so round 4 or 5 on the ache scale. When it comes to worth, although, you must anticipate a a lot larger quantity: $45-$60.

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