A GENIUS DIY Pore Strip Recipe to Banish Blackheads, Naturally


When we think of natural beauty experts, the name Indie Lee immediately springs to mind. With a namesake collection of chic, all-natural skincare products and a passion for all that’s green, Lee knows exactly how to tackle skin issues without resorting to harsh chemicals. When we presented her with our persistent blackhead dilemma, we weren’t surprised when she suggested DIY pore strips. She promises these three-ingredient strips will remove dead skin cells, clear away impurities, and even minimize the size and appearance of your pores. Best of all? Unlike store-bought versions, these DIY strips will work for all skin types—yes, even sensitive ones. Follow the instructions below to create these at home!

1 drop of tea tree oil
1 tsp. of xanthan gum
1 tbsp. distilled water

1. Apply a warm towel over your face to open your pores.

2. Heat distilled water over a double boiler.

3. Slowly add the xanthan gum to the water, constantly mixing with a craft stick to get a thick paste.

4. Add a drop of tea tree oil and mix well.

5. Remove the paste from the burner and allow it to cool. Make sure to test the mixture and make sure it isn’t too hot before you apply it to your face!

6. Apply the paste to areas of concern, then add a strip of tissue or depilatory tissue over the paste and let it dry.

7. Add another thick layer of the paste, followed by a second strip of tissue, and press it firmly into your skin as this layer dries.

8. Repeat this step until you have five layers.

9. Allow the strips to dry completely and harden (it will feel like papier-mâché).

10. Gently peel up from the outside, towards the center, until the entire thing is peeled off.

11. Rinse your face with tepid water, pat dry with a clean towel, and apply an alcohol-free toner, like Indie Lee’s CoQ-10 Toner ($32), over the area to close your pores.

12. Repeat no more than once a week for optimal results.

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