Angel Chunk Piercings: The whole lot You Must Know


Angel chunk piercings are double piercings that sit symmetrically above the higher lip. The title doesn’t appear to have a traceable origin, however they’re referred to by quite a few different titles, together with anti-bites and Madonna Monroe piercings. Pierced within the reverse location of snake bites, angel chunk piercings earned the title anti-bites for his or her location. It’s the identical purpose they’re generally known as Madonna Monroe piercings, as the 2 piercing websites of angel bites are positioned within the space of a Madonna piercing and the Monroe piercing.

No matter what you name them, angel chunk piercings are a novel and sometimes edgy piercing that may really go together with any model. Maintain studying to be taught every little thing you want to find out about angel chunk piercings, from price to aftercare.

Angel Chunk Piercings

Placement: Two piercings symmetrically positioned on both aspect of the higher lip

Pricing: $50–$75 per piercing

Ache stage: 6/10, based on Thompson

Therapeutic time: 12–16 weeks

Aftercare: Wash twice day by day on the skin with sterile saline answer and on the within with alcohol-free antiseptic mouthwash.

What Are Angel Chunk Piercings?

“Angel bites are a set of piercings with every one sitting symmetrically simply above your higher lip,” says Kynzi Gamble, an expert piercer at Ink’d Up Tattoo Parlor in Boaz, AL. These are two similar single piercings on either side of the higher lip. Angel bites are additionally generally referred to as “anti-bite” piercings, as they’ve the other placement of snake bites.

Angel chunk piercings are accomplished by first cleansing and prepping the realm, earlier than marking the piercing websites on the higher lip. After the markings are authorised, your piercer will push the needle by means of the primary level, both utilizing a clamp or free-handed. Lastly, the jewellery is put in earlier than shifting to the second piercing.

Ache and Therapeutic Time

Gamble says that angel bites are typically a couple of 6 out of 10 on the ache scale, however precisely how a lot it’ll harm varies between every particular person. “It actually relies upon by yourself ache tolerance and the thickness of your lip,” says Gamble. “These items range with each particular person!”

“With any oral piercing, it is crucial to maintain it clear,” says Gamble. If you happen to deal with the piercings appropriately and keep away from traumatizing the pores and skin anymore through the therapeutic course of, anticipate them to be absolutely healed in a number of months. “Common heal time for angel bites may be anyplace from 12–16 weeks,” says Gamble.

Price of Angel Chunk Piercings

The price of angel chunk piercings will range relying on the store and the piercer, in addition to your location geographically. It’s additionally necessary to think about that angel chunk piercings, as a result of there are two of them, shall be priced per piercing. William Thompson, skilled piercer at Blacklisted Tattoo in Crown Level, Indiana, says you may anticipate to pay between $50 and $75 per piercing from a well-run store. “I might say anyplace between $100 to $120 on up is regular for a pair of piercings in a store utilizing high-end implant grade supplies,” says Thompson.

In fact, don’t be dissuaded by the truth that angel chunk piercings will price you double. “At our studio, we give slightly little bit of a reduction for multiple piercing accomplished at one time, because it cuts down on the provides wanted for 2 separate piercings,” says Thompson. Whereas that’s not all the time the case, it might assist if a deal is on the market.


As a result of angel chunk piercings are oral piercings—as they’re partially within the mouth—holding it clear is of utmost significance. “Each time you eat, drink, or smoke…you need to be rinsing your mouth with a nonalcoholic mouthwash,” says Thompson. Utilizing a sterile saline answer, clear the entrance of the piercings two or 3 times per day. Gamble additionally recommends utilizing alcohol-free mouthwash half-and-half diluted with water to wash the within two or 3 times a day as properly. Clear the piercings on this means till absolutely healed.

Board-certified dermatologist Jenny Liu, MD, FAAD, says that following your piercer’s instructions is one of the simplest ways to make sure your piercings heal safely and shortly. Straying away from the merchandise they suggest might even trigger hurt, she says.

“[I] would keep away from use of topical antibiotic ointments, as they could be a widespread reason behind contact dermatitis, and our lip is a grimy space to begin,” says Liu.

Aspect Results of Piercing

Scarring: A scar might probably type round your piercing website if the jewellery is simply too irritated through the aftercare course of. Whereas this isn’t essentially dangerous, it’s going to go away marks across the piercing website. It’s additionally a chance that keloids, or a build-up of additional scar tissue, might type as properly if the piercing will not be correctly cared for.

An infection: All piercings current the opportunity of an an infection if not taken care of correctly. Comply with the aftercare directions given by your piercer’s intently and appropriately to maintain your piercing wholesome. Search medical consideration for those who discover extended swelling, redness, burning, itching, or intense ache.

How you can Change Out Angel Chunk Piercings

Angel chunk piercings require change out through the therapeutic course of, as they’re pierced with a larger-than-needed piece of knickknack. “Preliminary piercings are all the time accomplished with a put up lengthy sufficient to compensate for swelling that shall be shortened at your downsize appointment a number of weeks after the piercings are carried out,” says Thompson.

Once you’re getting that preliminary change-out, Gamble says it’s best to return to your piercer. “For the first-time altering out, most of my purchasers come to me,” says Gamble. “They’re put in with skilled hemostats—due to this fact they don’t seem to be precisely simple to get out by yourself.”

As soon as the piercing is absolutely healed, although, you’re greater than welcome to alter out your personal jewellery. All you must do is screw off the detachable, threaded entrance piece and exchange it with one other one.

What Sort of Jewellery Is Used for Angel Chunk Piercings?

Labret stud: Labret studs are composed of a hard and fast, flat again and a threaded, detachable accent affixed on the entrance. Whereas labret studs are mostly used for lip piercings, they’re additionally sometimes seen in nostril or ear piercings. “Utilizing both clamps or a freehand methodology, the primary piercing is finished and jewellery is inserted,” says Thompson.

What Jewellery Materials Is Used for Angel Chunk Piercings?

When selecting your jewellery, make sure to contemplate what metallic it’s made out of, as some are extra allergy-prone or simpler to deal with than others. “I can say that stainless stain will not be reactive,” says Liu. “Avoid nickel or gold, as these may cause contact dermatitis in [some] teams of individuals.”

Surgical metal: Whereas nonreactive, surgical metal isn’t essentially the most secure, because it does comprise nickel. If in case you have a nickel allergy or are anxious about doable irritation, it might be greatest to keep away from surgical metal.

Titanium: Titanium doesn’t comprise any nickel, that means it received’t trigger an allergic response or any common irritation. The metallic additionally received’t tarnish and is kind of light-weight, that means you received’t have to fret about altering it typically.

Pure Sterling Silver: Whereas probably the commonest kind of knickknack metallic, silver is a trickier materials. Pure silver, which claims it has 99.9% silver content material, might be the commonest kind of piercing metallic. Make sure you discuss to your piercer about potential sterling silver jewellery, as something too tender might harbor micro organism.

Gold: If you’d like gold jewellery as an alternative of silver, ensure that your jewellery is no less than 14 karats. In any other case, meaning it’ll be too flimsy and will harbor micro organism, similar to sterling silver.

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