Bella Hadid Dishes on Her Fashion Week Diet


Bella Hadid is one of the most highly sought after faces of fashion week—and it's not hard to see why. The model, 20, who has a killer physique and striking features, says she's been working from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day since the start of NYFW. With a schedule that crazy, we were dying to know about the intricacies of her daily fashion week routine.

On Monday, during a Tag Heuer event at Equinox in N.Y.C., we caught up with the model to chat about how she's handling fashion week this year. Turns out, Hadid is totally killing it this season—not that we're surprised. Although she says it's been her "craziest season yet," she acted totally cool and collected about the whole thing (and by the way, she's a total sweetheart). Here are the questions we were dying to know about Hadid's NYFW experience:

What time does Hadid get up in the morning for show prep? Depending on the day, Hadid tells InStyle she sets her alarm "an hour early" so that she can "just snooze and lay there" since she knows she won't be seeing her bed for a long time during 17-hour work days.

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Next, we had to ask about how often she works out during fashion week since she's clearly in tip-top shape. Hadid tells InStyle she normally tries to hit the gym "3 to 4 times per week." However, during fashion week, it's not always possible for her to squeeze in a gym session when working back-to-back shows. "It’s kind of crazy because I don’t really like working out," Hadid said. "But, during fashion week, I crave it. Since everything is so stressful, I’m just like, 'I want to go workout so badly and I don’t really have time right now.'"

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Then, there's the question everyone is curious to know. When working long hours and having to look her best, what is Hadid's fashion week diet like? The surprising answer? Carbs. And lots of them. "You know, I am really bad about fashion week because there's always such good food," Hadid tells InStyle. "So, it’ll be like mini pizzas, sandwiches, bread and croissants … and I go straight to that. It’s because my blood sugar gets really, really low and if I don’t eat, I completely can’t think and I freak out."

Now, there's a problem we can relate to.

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