BIAB Is the Celeb Secret for Lengthy, Robust Nails—This is the 411


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In a world the place lengthy, almond-shaped nails appear to be all over the place we glance, it’s solely pure to think about heading to a salon for skilled nail extensions. In spite of everything, with just a little additional size, so most of the season’s prettiest nail artwork concepts grow to be that rather more achievable.

The query that continues to be once you ebook, although, is which sort of nail extensions will you get. Whereas acrylics could also be your first thought, we’re right here to remind you of—or introduce you to—BIAB nails (AKA Builder in a Bottle). Not acquainted? Hold studying to study extra in regards to the trending nail approach, straight from nail consultants Brittney Boyce, Natalie Minerva, and Rita Comment.


What Is BIAB?

“Builder in a bottle is a soak-off sculpting gel for nail extensions,” Boyce says. “On the technical facet, builder formulation are oligomers. Meaning the monomer and polymer are already combined.” As soon as the builder is utilized, it’s cured by an LED or UV lamp, which bonds it to your nail plate.

What makes BIAB significantly particular is that it’s self-leveling. In accordance with Boyce, the self-leveling formulation makes it simpler to form extensions that appear and feel like actual nails. “Usually instances different nail extension choices can look thick and lumpy,” she notes. What’s extra, BIAB nails are versatile, in contrast to acrylics. “As a result of it’s versatile like a comfortable gel, it’s not as susceptible to damaging breaks, cracking, or brittleness,” she says. “The appliance and removing course of are additionally not as damaging to your pure nails.” She prefers to make use of ORLY’s Builder in a Bottle ($40): “It doesn’t have a powerful odor that may make the job disagreeable,” she shares.

Don’t be mistaken, although—BIAB isn’t just for attaining size. “​​BIAB is a thicker gel used to construct up a nail, whether or not or not it’s pure nails or for creating an extension,” Minerva says. “The good half about it’s it reduces the variety of instruments you want for the reason that builder is relevant with the bottle brush.” Comment factors out that builder gel can add energy, so in case your pure nails are the size of your selecting however delicate to breaks, BIAB nails might help.

How Is BIAB Utilized?

BIAB nails will be utilized in considered one of two methods: the Excellent Kind or the Quick Kind.

“The Excellent Kind slides underneath the nail and hugs it for precision,” Boyce says. “It is easy to customise the size with them, and there is a distinctive position positioning that adapts to the curvature of the nail so it seems to be very pure.” As soon as the Excellent Kind is affixed underneath the nail, the technician applies BIAB to sculpt the extension, cures it, then removes the shape earlier than making use of a second layer so as to add energy and sturdiness.

Then there are the Quick Varieties. “The Quick Varieties appear to be lengthy press-on nails with tabs on the facet,” Boyce says. “This permits nail technicians to use extensions comparatively quick and helps them obtain that good curvature every time.” The place Excellent Varieties are affixed beneath the nail, Quick Varieties are utilized overtop. “The nail technician will prep your nails as regular, then apply Builder in a Bottle on the within of the types to the specified size, place them on the nail permitting the gel to cowl the nail, flash remedy for 10 seconds, look at the nail, then end curing for 30 extra seconds,” Boyce says. “As soon as it is affixed, they pop off the Quick Varieties and proceed as regular by making use of a second layer of Builder.”

How A lot Does BIAB Price?

Like all magnificence remedies, the price of BIAB nails varies primarily based on location and the nail tech’s expertise. “In Los Angeles, good nail techs who present Builder gel extensions usually cost at the very least $200,” Boyce says.

In the meantime, Minerva says that, though she doesn’t work within the salon anymore (so she will be able to’t say with certainty), she imagines that the price of BIAB nails is kind of the identical as a full set of extensions.

How Lengthy Do BIAB Nails Final?

Like common gel nails, BIAB extensions can final between two and 4 weeks, relying on how briskly your nails develop and the way arduous you’re on them. “For purchasers with Builder, I all the time advocate a fill slightly than a full removing till they’re able to go fully pure,” Boyce says.

Are BIAB Nails Protected?

Of all of the several types of nail extensions, Boyce, Minerva, and Comment all agree that BIAB is the most secure out there. “I all the time choose gel nails over [traditional] acrylic for me, personally, since I discover that gel has extra pliability, and due to this fact strikes and bends together with your pure nail a lot better,” Minerva shares.

BIAB vs. SNS vs. Acrylic

Now that you just’re on top of things on BIAB, let’s examine it to SNS and acrylic. “These are all types of acrylic, simply in several states,” Comment says. “BIAB is acrylic in gel type. Traditional acrylic is in a liquid and powder type, and SNS is a ‘dip’ acrylic powder plus nail adhesive.”

Of the three, BIAB is the most recent expertise, which is a part of why it’s surging in reputation. Nonetheless, all of them have their advantages. “The place SNS and acrylic are typically extra inflexible and robust enhancements, greatest for comfortable and splitting nails, BIAB or builder gel enhancements are extra versatile, pure nail coatings, nice for strengthening and including size,” Comment says.

Minerva provides that she makes use of BIAB to encapsulate 3D components in her nail seems to be; doing so makes the weather safer and finally protects her artwork.

The Remaining Takeaway

In case you’re seeking to obtain longer, stronger nails that appear and feel pure, BIAB nails are an incredible choice. “It’s utilized like a comfortable gel, has the hardness of a tough gel however flexibility of a comfortable gel, and is eliminated by soaking off,” Boyce says. “In comparison with arduous gel or acrylics, it’s sooner to use and way more comfy to put on.”

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