Can Something Be Executed for Facial Piercing Scars?


Heal Facial Piercing Scars

Once I bought my nostril pierced on the age of 16 on a faculty discipline journey, it is a shock it didn’t get contaminated or go away a scar. That’s as a result of the job was carried out by an individual on the road with an ear piercing gun—one thing that ought to by no means, ever be used to pierce something apart from ears—in change for a $10 invoice. Amazingly, many years later this piercing nonetheless lives fortunately on my face, and it now has a match on my different nostril. Beneath my nostril piercings lies one other story, although: The scar of a labret piercing I wore for just some years in my twenties. By no means contaminated, it’s a small puncture spot a couple of half inch beneath my lip. It’s not terrible, but it surely’s undoubtedly seen in pictures or up shut in individual.

Facial piercings that turn into contaminated would possibly go away totally different, extra extreme scars, however any facial piercing is unlikely to ever be utterly invisible. Maintain studying to study the sorts of piercing scars you may develop and whether or not you are able to do something to heal every of them.

Hypertrophic Scars

Also called hypergranulation tissue, hypertrophic scarring is an extra of pores and skin tissue that varieties round a piercing in the course of the therapeutic course of. These scars are the results of an excessive amount of collagen being produced. Hypertrophic scars could look a bit like keloid scars (extra on them beneath), however are much less extreme and don’t normally require medical consideration. They seem as raised pores and skin round a piercing, typically simply on one facet of it, and are normally not too bulbous.

What to Do

As a result of they happen in the course of the therapeutic technique of a piercing, hypertrophic scars don’t are typically everlasting. Because the piercing continues to heal, the scar ought to flatten and ultimately disappear. In fact, that is depending on an infection not occurring; if you’re experiencing an an infection, it is best to first take all vital steps to mitigate that, then permit the hypertrophic scar to settle. You may velocity this course of together with a silicone scar therapy remedy. Silicone for scars is on the market in quite a few varieties, together with gels and patches, and it’ll assist to flatten the scar. Some folks use jojoba oil for a extra pure possibility, although this has not been confirmed. Both method, give the scar a number of months to see if it flattens out and disappears. Be sure you observe wonderful therapeutic hygiene alongside the best way, and preserve your arms away from the piercing.

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Keloid Scars

You’ll know if in case you have a keloid scar and never a hypertrophic one due to its measurement and colour: keloid scars are large and darker than flesh tone. They seem reddish-brown in colour, and are extra bulbous than hypertrophic scars, typically the form of a whole sphere. Much like hypertrophic scars, keloids come from collagen overproduction in the course of the therapeutic course of and normally happen throughout that point. Nonetheless, not like hypertrophic scars, keloid scars should be handled by a dermatologist.

What to Do

See knowledgeable. Should you don’t, the issue might proceed to worsen. A dermatologist will be capable of supply remedies, reminiscent of laser remedy, a steroid injection, freezing the keloid, and even surgical procedure in additional excessive instances. Keloid scars are uncommon, and they’re genetic. People who find themselves liable to them ought to contemplate avoiding piercings, interval.

Atrophic Scars

These scars are what could happen after you’ve taken out, also called retired, a facial piercing. They’re like what I described for my labret: a small puncture wound or pock mark within the pores and skin. They could turn into extra shallow over time, however they don’t are inclined to disappear utterly. They could be sufficiently small that they are often mistaken for different widespread facial scars, reminiscent of these from zits or rooster pox.

What to Do

To begin, it may be useful to make use of silicone to reduce the atrophic scar’s look. When you’ve finished that for a number of months, you should utilize strategies one would possibly use for bettering facial texture general. Under are a number of concepts.

Chemical Peels and Microneedling

Chemical peels are designed to take away broken pores and skin out of your face. There isn’t any analysis finished on how effectively they could work to reduce facial piercing scars, however they’re confirmed to scale back zits scars. Additionally below this normal class of facial rejuvenation is microneedling, which one examine notes “includes puncturing the pores and skin a number of instances utilizing a dermaroller and is used to deal with a number of pores and skin situations, reminiscent of pigmentary problems, wrinkles, post-acne atrophic scars and burn scars.”

Fillers and Minor Surgical procedures

It is smart that fillers might assist with an atrophic scar as a result of it’s a dimple or dent within the pores and skin, and fillers perform to, effectively, fill in areas of the face. Dr. Jason Emer, MD suggests a filler reminiscent of Bellafill. He additionally suggests a bunch of merchandise to pre-treat the world, reminiscent of retinol and vitamin C, in addition to excision and subcision procedures, that are extra severe strategies that contain anesthetizing pores and skin and utilizing devices to maneuver and/or take away tissue.

Collagen Skincare

Whereas I haven’t seen any discount within the depth of my labret scar within the months I’ve been utilizing Algenist merchandise, I’ve seen that it’s tinier in diameter than it was beforehand. This may very well be the precise scar diminishing in measurement, or my pores and skin at massive being plumper, thus making the scar much less seen.


Common basis gained’t do an excessive amount of to reduce a piercing scar’s look, however there are beauty merchandise created particularly to assist. Dermaflage calls itself a “topical filler” and says that it “is medical grade silicone that begins in a honey-like consistency and dries to a movie that completely mimics pores and skin in below 3 minutes.” The earlier than and after photos are fairly convincing.

Whereas facial piercing scars can take some effort and time to reduce, irrespective of the reason for your piercing scar, you don’t need to stay with it eternally should you don’t wish to.

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