Ethylhexylglycerin for Hair: Advantages and How you can Use It


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Ethylhexylglycerin is without doubt one of the many objects on an ingredient record that your eyes would possibly glaze over due to its complicated-sounding identify. Whereas the ingredient might not be one thing you might be conversant in, ethylhexylglycerin has as many makes use of in magnificence formulations because it does consonants, so you might be almost definitely already utilizing merchandise with this ingredient. Ethylhexylglycerin can act as a surfactant, preservative, deodorizer, and conditioning agent.

Ethylhexylglycerin has confirmed advantages within the formulation of magnificence merchandise and gives conditioning to hair and pores and skin as effectively. It’s thought-about a naturally derived and fewer poisonous various to parabens or sulfates, which are sometimes discovered to be irritating.

What Is Ethylhexylglycerin?

Ethylhexylglycerin is a vegetable glycerin preservative that may be obtained from animal sources, however primarily comes from plant-derived sources of glycerin, equivalent to soybean or palm.

Nevertheless, some customers have reported contact allergic reactions to ethylhexylglycerin as effectively. We turned to dermatologists Kristina Collins, MD, FAAD, and Shari Sperling, DO, for his or her ideas on ethylhexylglycerin. Learn forward to listen to what they needed to say.


TYPE OF INGREDIENT: Surfactant, preservative, and conditioning agent

MAIN BENEFITS: Cleanses scalp and hair, stabilizes hair merchandise, prevents bacterial development, and situations hair and pores and skin

WHO SHOULD USE IT: Typically, anybody can use merchandise containing ethylhexylglycerin, however these with dry or curly hair may even see extra advantages attributable to its conditioning elements. It can be an incredible choice for these with sensitivity to parabens or sulfates.

HOW OFTEN CAN YOU USE IT: It’s protected to make use of as much as two occasions a day, morning and night time, as it’s discovered in lots of shampoos and conditioners. Nevertheless, these with delicate or dry scalps might wish to restrict their use of surfactants.

WORKS WELL WITH: Any water-based skincare or beauty merchandise, to be able to stop bacterial or fungal overgrowth and guarantee product security

DON’T USE WITH: There are not any recognized substances that negatively intervene with ethylhexylglycerin. Nevertheless, these with delicate or reactive pores and skin might expertise irritation.

Advantages of Ethylhexylglycerin for Hair

Ethylhexylglycerin has grow to be a well-liked various for parabens and sulfates in hair and pores and skin merchandise. Dermatologic surgeonn Kristina Collins, MD, explains that the sweetness business is at all times searching for safer, cleaner, and fewer poisonous methods to soundly protect merchandise for topical use. Preservatives are mandatory for any water-based skincare or beauty merchandise to be able to stop bacterial or fungal overgrowth and guarantee product security. “Ethylhexylglycerin is interesting to make use of on this approach as a result of it’s naturally derived and fewer poisonous,” she provides. Dermatologist Shari Sperling, MD, agrees, including that parabens have historically been used however have been related to contact allergic reactions, whereas ethylhexylglycerin has hardly ever induced allergic reactions.

Along with its advantages in haircare product formulations, ethylhexylglycerin has two key advantages to the hair and scalp. The primary is its potential to situation the hair and pores and skin, not not like the equally occasionally talked about xanthan gum. The second is that it does operate as a surfactant, making it an efficient but mild cleanser for the scalp and hair. Sperling explains that surfactants work in options to stop oil and water from dispersing.

  • Stabilizes hair merchandise: Ethylhexylglycerin is a pure preservative that helps to make sure magnificence merchandise don’t spoil or separate between manufacturing and buy by the buyer. It’s particularly useful in water-based formulations. “The presence of ethylhexylglycerin gives antimicrobial motion to assist keep security of the product and stop the expansion of micro organism, mildew, or fungi,” shares Collins.
  • Gently cleanses scalp and hair: As a surfactant, ethylhexylglycerin will appeal to oil and dirt from the scalp in order that it may be washed away, says Collins. It gives a mild cleaning that removes impurities with out stripping the hair and pores and skin of moisture.
  • Circumstances the hair and pores and skin: Along with cleaning the hair and scalp, ethylhexylglycerin can present, and lock in, moisture. Collins explains that it’s derived from glycerin, which makes it an incredible conditioner.
  • Improves total scalp well being: An imbalanced scalp can result in a number of points for the pores and skin of the scalp in addition to the hair. Overly-stripping cleansers can truly promote extra oil manufacturing, and dry, flaky scalps could cause itching and hair loss. The mix of cleaning and moisture offered by ethylhexylglycerin promotes a balanced scalp setting.
  • Softens and smooths hair: Sperling says that ethylhexylglycerin has been utilized in hair merchandise to assist soften the hair, as a result of its hydrating advantages make hair seem smoother.

Hair Sort Concerns

Our consultants agree that ethylhexylglycerin is protected for all hair sorts, together with curly, dry, and color-treated hair. For those who’re searching for an answer for cleaning with out stripping hair of shade or pure oils, ethylhexylglycerin could also be simply what you are searching for. The conditioning elements of ethylhexylglycerin would offer probably the most profit to these with dry or frizzy hair. Moreover, those that are vegan might have to make sure that any merchandise containing ethylhexylglycerin are derived from plant sources earlier than use, as generally the ingredient comes from animal sources.

Each consultants say this ingredient is usually a safer various to parabens or sulfates, which have a a lot increased potential for irritation. Nevertheless, there have been some contact dermatitis reactions to ethylhexylglycerin, so a patch check ought to at all times be accomplished earlier than utilizing a brand new product. These with recognized contact dermatitis reactions to different substances might wish to avoid ethylhexylglycerin. “This ingredient might trigger contact dermatitis for inclined people and is usually a supply of pores and skin irritation or rash in ‘hypoallergenic’ merchandise for the small proportion of individuals affected,” explains Collins.

How you can Use Ethylhexylglycerin for Hair

After studying about ethylhexylglycerin, it is simple to see why dermatologists and sweetness manufacturers alike are followers of this highly effective preservative. Whilst you might not be capable to simply buy ethylhexylglycerin by itself, it may be discovered on many ingredient lists of merchandise it’s possible you’ll already personal. In case you have beforehand had points with or wish to keep away from parabens or sulfates, contemplate searching for merchandise that use ethylhexylglycerin as an alternative of the extra controversial substances.

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