Etsy Secretly Has the Best Summer Products: Here Are 13 You Should Buy


As beauty consumers increasingly become more concerned with natural formulas and brand transparency, indie beauty retailers like Etsy are making a bigger name for themselves in the beauty space. Etsy’s beauty marketplace now produces over 6.5 million results, and recently, we were poking around through some of that makeup and skincare and were amazed at the high-quality natural products we found. “On Etsy, searches for natural beauty products have increased 130% in the last year, and sellers are focused on helping buyers celebrate what they love about themselves,” an Etsy brand insider told us. “Added bonus: When shopping for beauty products on Etsy, you’re buying from a real person, which means real transparency. You can ask questions about ingredients and perhaps have the opportunity to customize for your needs or preferences.”

Impressed by Etsy’s selection, we were inspired to round up 13 intriguing summer beauty products you should consider buying. From crystal-infused face oil to shower steamers, these are the indie summer beauty picks we recommend.

7 Chakras Soap
Hibiscus Facial Toner

Byrdie editors’ facial mist obsession is well documented, and apparently, Etsy shoppers suffer from the same affliction. This antioxidant-rich, Instagram-ready hibiscus spray has over 100 reviews and a five-star rating. 

Small Rose Temporary Tattoo

Our Etsy insider recently told us that the site currently features over 18,000 search results for temporary tattoos. “But the nostalgic tats of our childhood have undergone a major grown-up makeover,” she says. “Today’s options are beautiful, modern pieces of art that embody customers’ individuality and give shoppers the opportunity to test out a style before committing to permanent ink.” This dainty rose, which has over 3700 five-star reviews, is an Etsy favorite.

Shop Intentional
Jade Roller

Gemstone rollers have been a part of Eastern medicinal and skincare regimens for centuries. The practice helps with lymphatic drainage, circulation, collagen production, and can even help contour your facial muscles. We’re fans of this white- and gold-accented jade roller.

Fat and the Moon
Lip & Cheek Stain

During the summertime, switching from fussy powder makeup products to lightweight, natural-looking creams is always our first move. Fat and the Moon is the popular beauty brand behind this all-natural lip and cheek stain that almost 10,000 Etsy reviewers love for creating a pretty, rosy flush. Better yet, the product has only five ingredients: alkanet root, beetroot, infused sunflower oil, beeswax, and rose geranium essential oil.

Queen Bee Trading Co
Tobacco + Vanilla Solid Perfume

If you want a guarantee that you won’t smell like anyone else this summer, look to Etsy’s impressive perfume section. Over 11,000 customers are smitten with this sultry tobacco- and vanilla-scented solid perfume. 

Violet Moon Botanicals
Rose Quartz Infused Multi Use Oil

Our brand insider also tells us that crystal-infused skincare is a major trend this summer. If you’re on board, check out this rose quartz body oil, which uses a blend of avocado oil, sunflower oil, rose-hip oil, and jojoba oil to nourish the skin while raw rose quartz promotes love and harmony. 

Holly’s Keeping It Real
All Natural Deodorant

Byrdie’s assistant editor Erin is a big fan of this Etsy-exclusive natural deodorant, which contains only four ingredients but genuinely works to make you smell fresh even in the sticky summertime. 

The Charming Frog
Gem Soap

Kitschy but kind of amazing: “Over the last year, Etsy searches for crystal soaps have increased 57%,” our Etsy insider reports. With over 7000 five-star reviews, this pretty assortment is an Etsy best seller.

Gorgeous Soap
Aromatherapy Shower Bombs

“Shower steamers are the new bath bombs with a 31% increase in searches over the last year,” says our Etsy source. “This creative spin on bath bombs offers similar features and incorporates natural ingredients and fun shapes, simply place the steamers on the floor of the shower, and let the aromatherapy go to work.”

The Busy Bee Store
Pure Witch Hazel Extract

Folks into holistic skincare know that witch hazel is a must-have. A natural antiseptic, the product works to treat everything from acne and large pores to puffy eyes and itching. This no-frills, pure witch hazel extract is an Etsy favorite.

Holistic Organics
Sleeping Beauty Super Retinol Night Facial Oil

Who knew Etsy sold real-deal ingredients like retinol? This serum is made with vitamins A, C, and E to help with all your aging concerns: fine lines, wrinkles, uneven texture, dark spots, saggy skin, the works.

Prana Potions
Head Tonic Oil

More crystal-infused products: Etsy reviewers swear by this topical headache relief elixir, formulated with hemp, gingko, amethyst, and frankincense.

Lucy’s AA
Rose Quartz Crystal Geode Bath Bomb

What would an Etsy roundup be without a bath bomb? This skin-softening one, made with real rose quartz inside, has over 2000 positive reviews.

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