Geologie Is Changing the Men’s Skincare Game



Men’s skincare is a funny thing. While we’re not exactly hip to the idea of gendered skincare, we acknowledge the fact that a) men are more likely to use products labeled for them, and b) said “men’s” products are rarely up to the ingredients and technology standards of regular (or what most men tend to see as “women’s”) products. The result is usually some generic lotion or cream loaded with cheap filler ingredients and heavily fragranced to the point that it smells like deodorant.

That’s where Geologie Skincare comes in, with its simple yet highly effective daily routine customized to your individual skincare goals. Rather than search for buzzwords to find which products and ingredients best suit your skin, Geologie’s products find you, thanks to a clever diagnostic tool that matches you up with a specific regimen. And what you get contains high concentrations of proven ingredients like retinol, niacinamide, peptides, and hyaluronic acid—and no unnecessary fillers. Basically skincare that works.


FOUNDED BY: Nick Allen, Dave Skaff, and dermatologist Dr. Steve Xu, 2018

BASED IN: San Francisco, New York, and Chicago

PRICING: (most products are $16–$40)

BEST KNOWN FOR: High-performance ingredients, personalized approach, and exceptional customer service.

MOST POPULAR PRODUCTS: The “Full Set” of Face Wash, AM Cream, PM Cream, and Eye Cream

OTHER BRANDS YOU’LL LOVE: Jack Black, Kiehl’s, CeraVe, Brickell

FUN FACT: 70% of Geologie’s male customers are totally new to skincare, and almost 10% of its customers are women.

The idea for Geologie Skincare came to founder and CEO Nick Allen soon after a trip to South Korea, where he’d stocked up on a bevy of K-beauty goodies. After a day of dirt biking through the canyons of Southern Utah, Allen offered his companions—all suffering from sun and windburned skin—a full Korean skincare regimen. After a hearty chuckle, they all relented and, unsurprisingly, it did the trick, turning the campfire chatter from Moab to moisturizer.

And so Geologie was born, not just to give guys great skincare but a great overall experience—skincare that’s more or less guaranteed to work because it’s exactly what your skin needs, with the technology and support to back it up. In a world oversaturated with trendy ingredients and brands more concerned with their own image than helping you find what you need, Geologie Skincare is a breath of fresh air. “We’ve made it easy to get into, easy to get right, and easy to see whatever results our guys need,” a brand rep explained. In fact, Geologie’s pioneering efforts in personalization—namely its regimen finder—has been copied by several other well-known brands.

But where Geologie Skincare really stands out is in its approach to purity of ingredients. In addition to high concentrations of science-supported ingredients, each regimen comes with a detailed ingredients list, which contains vital info on exactly what’s in your formulation, even down to the percentage, and what it does. “Our goal is to not only be 100% transparent about all of our ingredients (that’s table stakes these days, or should be) but, more importantly, to really educate our guys on the ingredients in their regimen that actually influence skin health,” the brand rep said.

The Geologie diagnostic tool takes a lot into consideration before doling out your prescribed regimen, including age, current skincare products, expectations for your new routine, skincare goals (which touches upon everything from anti-acne and oil control to sun protection and anti-aging), skin sensitivity, ongoing conditions, and skin tone. Then you’re presented with a simplified daily regimen that includes two face washes (one of the brand’s quirks—one for the sink and one for the shower), a day cream, a night cream, and an eye cream.

And it doesn’t stop there. Education is a major part of the Geologie Skincare philosophy. “Since 70% of guys who come to us are new to skincare, and not necessarily looking for it, we’ve had to bring the conversation to them. That comes with many challenges in order to gain their trust, and overcome their skepticism for skincare,” the brand rep said. To that end, the company’s customer service ranks right up there, with as much love for the experience as the products themselves.

Keep reading for our favorite Geologie Skincare products. (Note: Rather than just dive in and shop, it’s best to start with Geologie’s diagostic tool first to ensure you’re getting what’s right for your skin.)

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Everyday Face Wash 2-Pack

Geologie Everyday Face Wash
Geologie Everyday Face Wash 2-Pack $25.00

There’s definitely something to this idea of keeping two face washes in the bathroom, exactly where you need them. This cedar-scented foaming cleanser contains salicylic acid to whisk away dirt and oil while calming inflammation, plus it smells great.

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Repairing Night Cream

Geologie Repairing Night Cream
Geologie Repairing Night Cream $55.00

This lightweight night cream harnesses the one-two punch power of retinol to boost skin’s renewal process while you sleep, fighting acne while it helps bolster collagen production to smooth over fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains niacinamide, which helps reduce the appearance of pores, and hyaluronic acid to lock in hydration. No wonder the brand calls it “magic in a bottle.”

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Nourishing Eye Cream

Geologie Nourishing Eye Cream
Geologie Nourishing Eye Cream $45.00

The eyes are the tattle-tales of the body, giving away all your sleepless, drunken, crazy nights the next morning. Unless you use this all-in-one eye cream, that is. Packed with hydrating hyaluronic acid and de-puffing caffeine, plus a cocktail of other compounds like niacinamide and kojic acid, you’ll want to keep one of these on hand at all times.

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Vital Morning Face Cream

Geologie Vital Morning Face Cream
Geologie Vital Morning Face Cream $35.00

All-day TLC for your skin in a lightweight cream, this daily moisturizer is stacked with hyaluronic acid for superior hydration, balancing argan oil, niacinamide to give your pores that photo-perfect finish, and a dash of SPF 10 to keep skin protected from damaging UV rays.

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Essential Sunscreen SPF 30

Geologie Essential Sunscreen SPF 30
Geologie Essential Sunscreen SPF 30 $45.00

While the brand’s daily cream contains SPF 10, anything more than a dash to your car or the subway requires more protection from the sun, and that’s where this SPF 30 superstar comes in. In addition to mineral and physical SPF 30 protection, it contains skin-loving hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to boost skin health.

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