Methods to Air-Dry Hair, In response to Stylists


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At its easiest definition, the time period “air dry” may be very self-explanatory. If all you need is on your hair to dry with out utilizing a dryer, all you have to do is stroll out of the bathe and look forward to the air to do its job. Many even take into account air-drying to be a very good “break” for his or her hair between blow drys. Nonetheless, the time it takes the hair to dry, the way it appears to be like when it’s dry, and even the profit that skipping warmth styling has for the hair can range wildly relying on the way you air-dry your hair.

Imagine it or not, there are proper and unsuitable methods to air-dry hair—each for the well being and look of your hair. Moreover, the “proper manner” to air-dry hair can also differ from one hair kind and texture to a different, which solely makes air-drying appear extra difficult. As a way to set the document straight, we turned to 2 hair consultants, hairstylist Michelle O’Connor and trichologist Rochelle Hunter Mosley, for his or her recommendation on one of the best ways to air-dry your hair.

In response to our consultants, air-drying’s important profit is that it spares your hair from the potential warmth injury attributable to blow dryers. Mosley shares that textured, wavy, and curly hair are sometimes higher suited to an air-drying method, however that these hair sorts do require extra hair product for a profitable air-dry than straight hair. In response to O’Connor, air-drying is preferable when you dwell in hotter climates and in case your hair isn’t low porosity; “Dwelling in Miami affords me the posh of air-drying,” she says. Regardless of the hair kind, each of our consultants agree that there are particular steps you’ll be able to take to make sure a profitable air-dry.

Maintain studying to learn how you ought to be air-drying your hair.

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Begin With Completely Cleansed Hair

The largest concern that many individuals have with air-drying their hair, no matter hair kind or texture, is frizz. In case you are planning on air-drying your hair you have to be sure that you totally cleanse the hair within the bathe, as product buildup will forestall the moisture of your conditioner or leave-in product from reaching your hair. Mosley explains that hair should be adequately moisturized to efficiently air-dry and hair that has not been totally cleaned could not profit from the consequences of conditioner and leave-in merchandise.

If you already know you could have loads of product or buildup in your hair, it might be the best time to make use of a clarifying shampoo. These shampoos are more durable on dust and oils however could be too harsh to make use of recurrently on dryer hair and scalps. Relying in your hair kind and the styling merchandise you utilize, you might solely have to make clear as soon as per week and even as soon as a month.

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Situation, Situation, Situation

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Regardless of your hair kind or texture, moisture is the important thing to a profitable air-dry (although that is very true when air-drying curly hair). “Step one in prepping to air-dry is to make sure you have adequately conditioned. The dearth of warmth in your hair can typically let frizz run free, and conditioning earlier than this drying course of, in addition to utilizing a leave-in conditioner, helps to lock within the moisture your hair is missing,” explains Mosley.

Begin with a moisturizing conditioner within the bathe after which apply a leave-in moisturizer afterward to your moist hair. Straight or wavy hair runs the danger of falling flat from air-drying, as Mosley explains that superb and straight hair typically get weighed down by the water. Use much less product with these hair sorts and attempt to keep away from making use of it to the roots. O’Connor recommends the Matrix Miracle Creator Multi-Tasking Hair Therapy as a leave-in.

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Brush or Comb Solely When Moist

The primary precedence whereas air-drying is minimizing frizz. These with curly hair virtually all the time solely brush or comb their hair when it is moist to keep away from disrupting their curls and creating frizz. “For curly hair, keep away from brushing your strands whereas hair is air-drying. It will loosen the curls and create uneven definition all through the hair,” explains Mosley. O’Connor agrees, including “curly and coily hair shouldn’t be brushed dry, particularly with out some kind of hydrating or moisturizing assist.”

Whereas there’s typically debate about whether or not straight hair needs to be brushed when moist, the principles are a bit clearer in terms of air-drying. As soon as the air-drying course of begins, any manipulation of the hair goes to create frizz—even touching it along with your arms. O’Connor says that there needs to be minimal touching till the hair is not less than 75 p.c dry.

Each consultants additionally share that the kind of brush or comb you utilize on moist hair is vital. O’Connor recommends detangling brushes such because the Denman or the Felicia Leatherwood Detangler Brush, your fingers, and broad tooth combs for moist hair. Mosley recommends any Moist Brush with extra versatile bristles, as this ensures no tugging for fragile strands.

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Apply the Proper Styling Merchandise

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In a course of that curly-haired individuals will probably be acquainted with, you’ll want to apply the styling merchandise to moist or damp hair. The proper kind of air-dry styling product will range primarily based in your hair kind, as many curly merchandise are interchangeable with air-drying or diffusing. For curly hair, O’Connor says you will probably want a leave-in moisturizing product (as talked about above), adopted by a gel, cream, or foam.
For straight hair, it is vital to not weigh the hair down with product.

Relating to air-drying merchandise, Mosley had a number of suggestions. She first recommends the R+Co Wind pH Excellent Air-Dry Creme, as she says it is an awesome product for air-drying as a result of it helps to tame frizz, hydrates, and softens for simply styling. Second, she recommends the JVN Air Dry Cream ($24) for curls and waves because it’s buildable and has a touchable maintain that actually lets your pure texture come by. Lastly, she says the Odele Air Dry Styler ($12) is one other nice leave-in conditioner that works for all hair sorts and is confirmed protected for color-treated hair.

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Solely Use a Microfiber Towel

Utilizing a microfiber towel will assist to shorten your air-drying time with out inflicting frizz. Conventional cotton towels can create extra friction and are extra disruptive to the hair. Mosley advises avoiding a harsh towel dry: “Rubbing your hair with a towel disrupts the hair cuticles and may result in frizz and breakage.”

“You’ll want to squeeze with a microfiber towel any extra water which may be dripping from the hair. This ensures a shortened air-drying time,” explains O’Connor. Scrunching with a microfiber towel needs to be the final step for curly-haired of us, whereas these with wavy or straight hair could wish to do it earlier than making use of product.

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Do not Go to Mattress With Moist Hair

After all of your onerous work to make sure an ideal air-dry, the very last thing you wish to do is go to mattress along with your hair nonetheless moist or damp. “To make sure profitable air-drying, you wish to just be sure you aren’t going to mattress immediately after washing and conditioning,” explains O’Connor. Even when you sleep on a silk pillowcase to scale back friction, you might put dents or creases in your hair by sleeping on it earlier than it totally dries. Moreover, you’ll trigger frizz with any motion you make whereas sleeping. Guarantee that in case you are planning on washing your hair at evening, you permit sufficient time on your hair to completely air-dry.

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