The best way to Get Rid of Milia: Causes, Prevention, and Elimination


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ver seen these tiny, white bumps that kind just below the floor on a child’s pores and skin? Some individuals know them as “milk spots,” or “oil seeds,” however the true title they go by is milia—and so they can present up on adults, too. Milia isn’t actually something to be too apprehensive about as they’re merely a beauty concern—they gained’t scar your pores and skin, they don’t sometimes result in further points, and often, they go away on their very own (finally).1 That stated, lots of people who get milia on their faces would simply relatively not have them, and fortuitously, therapy is completely attainable.

We spoke to a few skincare professionals to collect every little thing you should find out about milia, together with what it’s, find out how to deal with it, and what you are able to do to maintain it from coming again. Learn on for suggestions from board-certified dermatologists Dendy Engelman and Shari Sperling, together with magnificence lab founder Jeannel Astarita.

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By no means Attempt To Pop

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Milia are very small cysts which might be discovered underneath the floor of the pores and skin. Lots of people lump them in with breakouts or mistake them for whiteheads, particularly once they pop up on these areas of our complexions the place a few of us get pimples (like on the cheeks or brow pimples). Not like pimples, nonetheless, you’ll be able to’t pop milia (not that it’s best to ever strive that along with your pimples, both) as a result of they’re comprised of a protein referred to as keratin. You will have heard of keratin and the way it pertains to hair, however keratin additionally makes up your pores and skin’s outermost layer and may construct up over time, resulting in bumps. “Milia are tiny white bumps on the pores and skin which might be typically mistaken for pimples and happen when the pores and skin cells don’t flip over quickly sufficient and a buildup of keratin—a protein discovered within the pores and skin—hardens and turns into trapped,” says Astarita, founding father of Simply Ageless Physique Sculpting and Magnificence Lab in New York Metropolis. “These can linger for years if not handled.”

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Make Positive You Are Utilizing the Proper Eye Care

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On adults, milia could be categorized into two normal varieties: Main milia and secondary milia. “Main milia is the commonest, and the identical kind seen in infants and adults, brought on by lifeless pores and skin cells that construct up within the pore-lining as a result of they’re unable to shed correctly,” says Engelman. “Secondary milia happen when a pores and skin situation or an infection (reminiscent of herpes) results in blistering, which really damages the pore lining.

Pores and skin trauma, reminiscent of burns and even some sorts of laser therapies can even trigger milia to kind. Secondary milia is typically generally known as “traumatic milia,” which might typically additionally pop up as a response to thick lotions or ointments which will clog pores.2 Be sure you are utilizing the suitable eye merchandise for you. In case you are experiencing milia across the eyes, strive a lighter eye cream and keep away from oily eye make-up removers.

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Begin Utilizing an Exfoliating Remedy

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Should you’re not into in search of knowledgeable therapy to rid your face of milia, no drawback. In keeping with the specialists, you’ll be able to take easy measures to maintain milia underneath management by including an everyday exfoliating therapy to your weekly or bi-weekly skincare routine, relying on how delicate your pores and skin is.

“Milia varieties most frequently on under-exfoliated, dry pores and skin or the place an occlusive product is used and is clogging the pores,” explains Astarita. Exfoliating sheds outdated, pointless layers and cells from the floor of the pores and skin. Simply in the identical means that individuals have an exfoliation routine to maintain their pimples signs at bay, exfoliating to forestall milia can presumably maintain keratin and lifeless pores and skin cells from turning into trapped underneath the floor by eliminating them altogether.


Glycolic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid that loosens bonds between lifeless pores and skin cells. It helps stimulate collagen manufacturing and acts as a humectant, attracting moisture to the pores and skin.

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Put on Solar Safety

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Along with exfoliating, working towards good skincare within the solar can even stop milia from forming on the face. “Solar injury generally is a contributing issue to milia as a result of it makes pores and skin tough and leathery, so it’s tougher for lifeless cells to rise to the pores and skin’s floor and shed usually,” says Engelman. “The ensuing clogs can set off milia formation—and so they’ll stick round except steps are taken to unclog the pores.”

To guard in opposition to solar injury, put on SPF each day (even when it is cloudy, even when it is chilly) and bear in mind to reapply all through the day. The solar can attain you even if you assume you are protected—like by means of your automotive or workplace window.

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Attempt Manuka Honey

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Equally, milia can even kind when dry pores and skin on the floor simply will get caught beneath it. “When lifeless pores and skin cells clump collectively, they’ll turn out to be trapped underneath the pores and skin’s floor, forming small, exhausting cysts,” explains Engelman. “These bumps aren’t painful, nor do they trigger everlasting scarring, like scarring that happens from sure sorts of pimples.” That stated, many individuals choose to reside with milia-free complexions for aesthetic causes as these tiny bumps can add texture to the floor of the pores and skin. “Upon nearer inspection, they’re exhausting, nearly pearly, seed-like granules trapped underneath the floor of the pores and skin,” provides Astarita. So, although milia isn’t technically one thing that breaks out on the pores and skin, it might nonetheless be irritating—particularly when it pops up across the eyes (a standard spot for milia to look on the face).

Should you’re on the lookout for a extra pure solution to cope with your milia, manuka honey may be the suitable resolution for you. As a result of its antimicrobial properties, manuka honey could assist scale back the irritation that typically results in milia. Search for skincare that incorporates actual honey or DIY a masks with uncooked manuka honey out of your farmer’s market.

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Attempt a Retinol

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“Retinoids can be utilized and typically assist to forestall formation,” says Sperling. As a result of nature of a retinoid encouraging mobile turnover, the retinoid additionally works to assist unclog any buildup on the pores and skin, reminiscent of milia. “At dwelling, you’ll be able to rub a tough washcloth on the pores and skin gently to assist loosen it,” says Sperling, then apply the retinoid. This mixture of light bodily exfoliation from the washcloth and chemical exfoliation from the retinoid ought to assist to cut back the looks of the milia.

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If All Else Fails, See a Dermatologist for Extractions

For some individuals, milia can final for a very long time if left alone, however in lots of instances, milia will go away by itself inside a matter of weeks. If you wish to say goodbye to these bumps sooner relatively than later, nonetheless, a dermatologist or licensed esthetician can extract milia utilizing a lancet to attract the impacted keratin out from underneath the pores and skin or break it down with chemical compounds or lasers.

“A dermatologist can take away them proper there within the workplace utilizing a needle or a tiny lancing utensil and, typically, a comedone extractor,” says Engelman. “This in-office process is quick, painless (numbing cream could also be utilized) and heals rapidly for most individuals.”

Astarita provides that often milia can develop into clusters, which requires “a delicate laser resurfacing therapy like a low setting Fraxel therapy, Halo by Sciton, or a sequence of chemical peels [to] push the reset button in your pores and skin.”

General, milia isn’t one thing that try to be apprehensive about from a well being standpoint, however in the event you’re nonetheless trying to maintain your pores and skin milia free, you’re not alone. Should you wait in your signs to go away on their very own, they are going to often cross inside a matter of weeks, however you could possibly assist velocity up the method by including a delicate exfoliation routine with a chemical exfoliant to your skincare apply. If you should do away with bumps quick, knowledgeable, like a dermatologist or esthetician can take away them for you, however it’s finest to depart therapy to the professionals, so in the event you can, resist the urge to take issues into your individual palms with an extracting instrument.

  • Are you able to extract milia at dwelling?

    Even with the “proper” instruments, at-home extraction would possibly result in pores and skin injury and scarring—it is best to depart this to the professionals and have a dermatologist take away the milia for you, in keeping with our specialists.

  • How lengthy do milia final?

    When left untreated, milia can final up to some months and even years in older youngsters and adults. Secondary milia (or milia that varieties because the pores and skin heals from burns or blisters) could be everlasting.2

  • What causes milia in infants?

    Milia is sort of widespread in infants. Much like adults, they’re shaped when lifeless pores and skin cells get trapped in tiny pockets of the pores and skin, although you will see them extra on infants as a result of their oil glands are nonetheless creating and the skin-shedding course of shouldn’t be as routine as adults.

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