Lisa likes it! The latest spokesperson of the Kardashian brand is so hot?


With the rapid popularity of BLACKPINK around the world, the number of “big fans” of the group is also increasing day by day, including the Spanish singer ROSALÍA, who has recently become a hot topic;

She just released her new album “Motomami” a while ago. In the interview, she generously expressed that she is a loyal fan of Lisa, and sent her a set of album accessories to her.

via GQ
via GQ

And Lisa also appreciates this “big fan”; in the latest “Rolling Stone” interview, when talking about the artist he admires very much in the circle, Lisa said “ROSALÍA is so cool!!”.

via Roliing Stone
via Roliing Stone


In fact, as early as three years ago, Lisa skipped ROSALÍA’s hit single “Malamenta” and uploaded it to her personal YouTube channel.

via YouTube
via YouTube


So, what is the charm of ROSALÍA, who is so fascinated by “Barbie on Earth”?

Kardashian’s hottie

‘Big brand harvester’ ROSALÍA

In 1992, ROSALÍA was born in a small town in Catalonia, Spain; like most singers, ROSALÍA had a strong interest in music since childhood, and participated in a TV show competition at the age of 15. Unable to admit defeat, she immediately turned her disappointment into motivation, and began to receive professional music education at the age of 16;

In 2016, “Antes de Morirme” released by ROSALÍA and (ex) boyfriend C.Tangana was selected as the episode of the popular western drama “Famous School Storm”; since then, ROSALÍA has embarked on her road to fame;

In 2018, ROSALÍA released her second album “El Mal Querer”, which was a great success and won her many awards. The always strict Pitchfork described it as a ‘great feat’; The “Malamenta” is included in this album.

《El Mal Querer》
El Mal Querer


After “El Mal Querer”, ROSALÍA received olive branches from many parties. Travis Scott, The Weeknd, Bad Bunny, J Blavin and other big names are vying to cooperate with her;

Teamed up with Billie Eilish to bring the special song “Lo Vas A Olvidar” to the phenomenal American drama “Excitement”;

While her music career is advancing by leaps and bounds, her outstanding fashion expression also makes her favored by many units.

Earlier, Kardashian’s brand SKIMS locked up the “Spanish little queen” and invited her as the brand’s latest spokesperson. “Rosalía’s daring to push boundaries and experiment with her music and personal style is a huge inspiration to me,” Kardashian said.

In the advertising blockbuster, ROSALÍA put on the SKIMS signature shapewear, showing a sexy and charming side, which made many viewers look forward to what kind of sparks the two sides will create in the future.

At the Met Gala of the 22nd fashion Spring Festival Gala, ROSALÍA appeared on the red carpet in Givenchy high-definition clothing designed by MMW, with a variety of precious jewelry, perfectly echoing the theme of this “gilded age” conference.

At the 2020 Nike Summit, ROSALÍA also attended, sitting between Virgil Abloh and Drake chatting and laughing.

Looking at the daily wear of ROSALÍA, we can also feel a very diversified existence.

Putting on a long black silk dress, it’s natural to be sexy.

Rich color scheme, Y2K babes are also experienced players.

The close relationship with Nike allows her to often receive blockbuster sneakers in advance.

All Black leather dress up, very eye-catching

In addition, ROSALÍA also has a soft spot for cats. Whether it is the promotional styling and surrounding areas of the new album “Motomami”, or the small accessories used to embellish the daily styling, the “cat ear” element has a very high appearance rate.

Lisa posted about the album sent by ROSALÍA

In the new special style, the butterfly-shaped Grillz that has appeared many times is also a highlight. The delicate hot girl must be armed to the teeth.

via GQ
via GQ

Outstanding musical talent

‘Western Little Heavenly Queen’

“Motomami” broke the best record for the first-day performance of Spanish Spotify albums on the day it was released.

Pharrell, Alexa Demie and others supported it, and the always strict Pitchfork gave it a high score of 8.4, generously praising it as a “musician among musicians”;

Compared with “El Mal Querer”, which made her famous, ROSALÍA has tried the fusion of various styles such as Hip Hop and R&B, showing everyone a variety of faces.

In “LA FAMA” cooperating with The Weeknd, The Weeknd even tried a wave of Spanish, which is full of highlights.

When you are tired of listening to lyrical, R&B and other genres, and feel a wave of hot Latin style in your spare time, it may be a good choice.

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