Folks Are Utilizing Nettle Tea Rinses to Struggle Hair Loss—Here is What Derms Suppose


Nettle tea leaves on a brown background

Vegetation have been utilized in people and conventional drugs for hundreds of years. For some lovely, fragrant, and even flowering crops, it is simple to see why people would have been drawn to them. Nevertheless, the saying “do not choose a e-book by its cowl” is the very first thing that involves thoughts when trying on the nettle plant, a typical weed coated in stinging hairs.

Nettle, additionally known as stinging nettle or by its scientific title urtica dioica, has been used to deal with all kinds of illnesses and even in meals preservation for hundreds of years. You may typically discover nettle listed as an ingredient in natural teas, particularly these designed to detoxify the kidneys. As with many elements full of antioxidants, individuals have claimed that nettle has the power to deal with hair loss. However is there fact to those claims?

With the intention to type reality from fiction, we turned to 2 board-certified dermatologists to know the potential advantages of nettle for hair. Maintain studying to listen to their takes on utilizing nettle for hair loss.


TYPE OF INGREDIENT: Antioxidant, strengthener, and anti inflammatory agent.

MAIN BENEFITS: Soothes scalp irritation, strengthens hair, might assist stimulate hair development, and has antimicrobial properties.

WHO SHOULD USE IT: Generally, anybody trying to soothe scalp irritation or who’s experiencing hair loss/thinning. Nettle will be drying, so these with broken or dry hair might not wish to apply it topically. Nettle must be prevented throughout being pregnant, because it has the potential to stimulate contractions.

HOW OFTEN CAN YOU USE IT: Nettle can be utilized as a topical remedy for the scalp and hair as soon as per week. A health care provider must be consulted earlier than taking oral nettle on account of its potential to work together with sure drugs.

WORKS WELL WITH: Moisturizing elements/therapies to revive hydration misplaced by utilizing nettle.

DON’T USE WITH: Nettle accommodates excessive ranges of vitamin Ok and will work together with sure drugs. Nettle ought to by no means be utilized in mixture with diuretics or diabetes drugs.

What Is Nettle for Hair?

Nettle is discovered throughout the globe as a perennial wild plant. All elements of the nettle comprise a wealthy composition of bioactive compounds with excessive antioxidant capability, together with the leaves, stalks and roots.

Advantages of Nettle for Hair

All elements of the nettle have anti-inflammatory and therapeutic results and are used within the remedy of arthritis, anemia, allergy symptoms, joint ache, and even urinary tract infections. In terms of hair, there are a number of reported advantages, however there is not a ton of analysis to again a few of them up. Board licensed dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD, says stinging nettle is a botanical extract that has lengthy been used to assist improve hair development, however cautions that there’s not a lot actual knowledge on the market to again this up. Snehal Amin, MD, a board-certified dermatologist, agrees and provides that though there may be restricted analysis on using stinging nettle for hair development, the inflammatory and antioxidant properties of nettle have advantages for the scalp’s total well being.

  • Potent scalp irritation fighter:  Extracts from the leaves of the plant wealthy in sulfur, which has anti-inflammatory properties, explains Zeichner. Irritation is related to many scalp circumstances, particularly eczema. Resulting from their antihistamine and anti inflammatory properties, stinging nettles can be utilized as a pure part in eczema drugs. Nettles may even work together with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication (NSAIDs), permitting sufferers to lower their use of NSAIDs.
  • Strengthens the hair: Whereas not as widespread, in sure elements of the world nettle is used topically to strengthen hair.3 This is because of nettle leaves and stalks having a wealthy supply of nutritional vitamins A, B, and C, minerals (iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium), and polyphenols, equivalent to phenolic acids and flavonoids.3
  • Wealthy in antioxidants: Nettles are wealthy in antioxidants. In truth, analysis has discovered that the antioxidant exercise of nettles might induce a lower within the relative weight of the liver.  Antioxidants are nice to your total well being, which may affect your hair.
  • Can enhance dandruff: Nettle has been proven to have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, which will help to enhance circumstances like dandruff, says Zeichner. Analysis has proven that the big variety of energetic compounds on this plant might present stronger antibacterial actions than artificial antimicrobials.
  • Could forestall hair loss: Nettle might assist to fight two causes of hair loss: DHT and irritation. Amin explains that nettle works to stop hair loss by blocking DHT, a precursor to testosterone which is the wrongdoer in androgenetic hair loss. Second, irritation is a vital etiologic issue of hair loss, says Amin. He explains that many varieties of hair loss are characterised by continual irritation, so the anti-inflammatory properties of nettle might assist to scale back this.
  • Could contribute to hair development: Though there may be restricted analysis on using stinging nettle for hair development, one research means that it promotes dermal papilla cell development, explains Amin. “The papilla is the a part of the hair follicle that regulates hair development. As well as, the energetic compound beta sitosterol stimulates development components for hair,” Amin provides.

Potential Dangers of Utilizing Nettle for Hair

Our consultants agree that nettle is secure for all hair varieties, together with color-treated hair. Whereas nettle does have strengthening properties, you will need to be aware that it is vitally drying. Amin recommends utilizing it as a remedy, however washing it out and conditioning to revive moisture. Resulting from its potential to affect hair loss and development, nettle could also be particularly useful for many who are experiencing hair thinning or loss. Nettle must be prevented in being pregnant although, as Amin warns that stinging nettle can stimulate uterine contractions.

Learn how to Use Nettle for Hair

Nettle can have differing advantages and interactions relying on for those who apply it topically or ingest it. Zeichner explains that the extract could also be utilized in business hair care merchandise or the leaves themselves can be utilized to create a do-it-yourself remedy. With oral consumption, Amin warns that there are potential drug interactions. “With oral consumption, be careful for drug interactions with warfarin for the reason that plant accommodates excessive ranges of vitamin Ok,” Amin cautions. “Keep away from utilizing together with diuretics, for the reason that potassium loss from these anti hypertensives is compounded by stinging nettle. Equally, blood sugar might dip too low when stinging nettle is used with different diabetes drugs.” As all the time, it’s best to converse to your physician earlier than beginning any new drugs or dietary supplements.

Create a Rinse

Amin recommends making use of a nettle rinse one per week, however following it with shampoo and conditioner to stop nettle from drying out the hair. He supplied the under recipe for a rinse and suggests massaging it in to the hair and scalp for a couple of minutes earlier than rinsing.


  • About two cups boiling water, ideally distilled.
  • Three tablespoons dried nettles (or six tablespoons chopped contemporary nettles)
  • Including an important oil like peppermint can also be a pleasant increase


  1. Deliver water to a boil and add the nettle leaves.
  2. Take away from warmth and permit to steep for 5 to 10 minutes.
  3. Pressure and permit to chill. Add important oils as soon as cool (non-obligatory).
  4. Therapeutic massage cooled rinse by scalp and hair. Comply with with shampoo and conditioner.

Use Hair Merchandise With Nettle

Nettle will be present in quite a few merchandise. Examine the ingredient lists in shampoos and conditioners, in addition to hair therapies for hair loss for the multi-tasking ingredient.

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