Fast Query⁠—What Occurs When You Dye Your Hair Whereas It is Moist?


woman washing wet dark hair

When dyeing your individual hair at dwelling the directions typically have you ever go into the bathe to use your coloration, however when going into the salon it is usually executed when the hair is dry. Why is that this? And what is the distinction? It actually all boils all the way down to the kind of coloration we’re utilizing. Moist or dry hair is a simple element to miss after we take into consideration dyeing our strands. Fact be instructed, moist hair utility has its perks.

Can You Dye Moist Hair?

Sure, as a matter of truth, you may dye your hair whereas it is moist. There are many situations, even within the salon, when moist hair utility is totally normalized, however typically neglected. Take into consideration this: once you get highlights executed and so they take you to the shampoo bowl to take away the foils and rinse off the bleach, the remainder of your coloration is finished then and there whereas the hair is moist. Merely put, our hair coloration is utilized on moist hair greater than we could even notice. So what is the distinction, you marvel?

The distinction is permanenceThe one element that dictates if we’d like apply to moist or dry hair is the kind of coloration formulation we’re utilizing.

The Advantages of Dyeing Hair Whereas It is Moist

Whereas hair coloration could be utilized to moist or dry hair, making use of to moist hair does have a pair perks price making be aware of:

  • Somewhat little bit of dye goes a great distance: The added water moisture helps the colour to distribute itself evenly. Whereas, when utilized to dry hair, you may have to pay a lot nearer consideration to make sure you’ve totally saturated each strand together with your dye.
  • Accommodates your mess: Let’s be actual; in terms of so many at-home hair coloration merchandise, it is kind of a aid after we’re instructed to use to moist hair. Making use of hair coloration with a squirt high bottle and mushing all our hair collectively till it lathers within the bathe is means simpler than the precision required of a brush-and-bowl utility.

The Drawbacks

A couple of of the drawbacks to moist hair utility embrace:

  • Uneven utility: Whereas the added moisture might assist distribute coloration, it is nonetheless a much less exact coloration utility. If your required end result is extra of a drastic change, you are higher off giving the additional consideration to an in depth, dry hair utility.
  • Water might probably dilute your coloration: In case your hair is extraordinarily dry and broken, then your hair is already parched and searching for moisture! In such a state of affairs, your hair might need absorbed a lot of the water already that there is little room left for the dye to penetrate the hair’s cortex. That does not imply it will not work, however your outcomes might not be as vibrant or long-lived as you’d hoped for.
  • Susceptible to extra injury: Avoiding warmth, abrasive brushing and towel drying are a few of the small steps you may take to assist in giving moist, fragile strands slightly additional TLC (particularly after doing a coloration remedy).

For a extra even coloration utility when dyeing moist hair, attempt distributing the colour with a large tooth comb or moist brush.


Sorts of Hair Shade That Work Finest on Moist Hair

Now, this can be one other downside, however dyeing your hair moist does not really work for each coloration job. Everlasting coloration jobs require a dry hair utility. This might imply going lighter, or darker. If you wish to lighten the hair, which is finished with bleach, you may want dry strands as a way to get a exact utility that does not bleed. When you’re utilizing a everlasting coloration to darken your strands, dry hair is best to ensure that it to actually get in and alter the state of your hair on a deeper degree than the simply floor. That being stated, listed below are your coloration choices for dyeing on moist hair:

Semi-Everlasting Shade

Semi-permanent colours don’t have any ammonia or peroxide builders in them. These colours are made to easily coat over your cuticle. Since their job is to barely improve or alter the tone of your hair and supply a extra delicate change with a shorter life span, their formulations aren’t drastically affected by the presence of water. These colours work properly on moist hair as a result of they don’t seem to be lifting or drastically altering the hair in any everlasting means.

Demi-Everlasting Shade

The principle distinction between a semi- and demi- everlasting coloration is that demi- everlasting colours penetrate into your hair shaft on a deeper degree than the straightforward coating of a semi-permanent. With extra absorption of your coloration, a demi- everlasting goes to final you longer than a semi-permanent coloration. Whatever the presence of ammonia, it is nonetheless a brief coloration so making use of it to moist hair is not going to have an effect on the work of your coloration too drastically. The minor downside right here is that your hair has the potential to soak up extra water and never as a lot dye, which might barely dilute your coloration formulation a bit and will knock just a few shampoos off your coloration’s lifespan expectancy. It is nothing too main, however one thing price understanding!

Different Non permanent Dyes

We could not consider them as semi- or demi- everlasting colours, however these playful pops of vibrant pink and different highlighter and pastel hued tones, in addition to the toners used to neutralize your highlights on the shampoo bowl, are categorized as short-term dyes and are secure to make use of on moist hair.

A simple rule of thumb to recollect: so long as the change you search to make to your coloration is short-term and never everlasting, a moist hair utility is a fool-proof possibility with benefits on its aspect.


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