Sies Marjan Makes a Case for Full-Strip Faux Lashes at #NYFW


Although the general rule of thumb with false lashes is to cut a strip in half, or work with individual flares for a more natural effect, Sies Marjan rejected that idea for their Fall 2017 show at New York Fashion Week. Models took the runway in feathery full strips, seemingly unaltered, which created somewhat of a punk rock fairy princess vibe paired against designer Sander Lak's airy, brightly-colored pieces. The label made their big debut a year ago at NYFW, quickly gaining famous fans—you know, like Beyoncé. No big deal.

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A handful of girls were wearing statement lashes, while others kept their own natural set minimal and slightly curled. The well-groomed brows, glowing skin, and tousled hair remained a constant among all of the models. Falsies or not, it's one runway beauty look that could easily translate into the real world.

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