Summer Fridays Pool Time Body Oil Is a Non-Stick Body Glow We Can Get Behind


Listen: There’s a lot riding on this summer. It’s been too long since we’ve seen our friends, we’re all getting vaccinated, and we’re ready to make the most of it. We’re about to cram in as much as possible into one fleeting season.

We are ready to dress! We are ready to be seen! We are ready to go out! I don’t know about you but I plan on taking my sweet time getting ready before I step out this summer. Even if that’s just to go to the drugstore! Who cares! I am going to be seen and I am going to be gorgeous. If there’s one thing the last year taught us, it’s you can still turn a look with a mask on.

Whether the lower half of your face is covered or not, your body doesn’t have to be. Your shoulders, your neck, and décolletage can all be reintroduced to the world. I don’t know about you, but I am prepping every inch of my body. The ritual of getting ready is so fun and feels so glamorous. To me, it’s the best kind of self-care.

Naturally, a body glow is important to me. I love the product in theory, but in practice, those shimmery body lotions always look better in the bottle than on my skin. I want my chest, shoulders, and arms absolutely gleaming in the summer sun—but I don’t want to be peeling my t-shirt off of my skin all day.

When Summer Fridays announced Pool Time Glowing Body Oil, I was excited, but quick to remind myself that I’ve been down this road before. I decided to give it a try because, like I said, I plan on glowing through this summer, into fall, and onto New Year’s Eve. Below, find my honest review of Summer Friday’s Pool Time Glowing Body Oil.

summer fridays body oil

The Feel

Pool Time Glowing Body Oil is a beautiful shade of liquid amber, packed with gold shimmer that looks gorgeous in the bottle and absolutely hypnotizing applied to my skin. It rubs in nicely—it sinks in rather than sitting on top—and my skin looks healthy and moisturized without looking slick. On me, this applied almost like a moisturizer, leaving dewy, supple, shimmery skin behind.

The Ingredients

The formula offers a blend of macadamia, jojoba, apricot kernel, and sunflower oils to provide long-lasting moisture, plus cold-pressed nuts and seeds for those goods vitamins and fatty acids. Together, they work to sooth and protect your skin’s moisture barrier. Plus, the shimmer.

The Finish

It’s more supple and dewy than it is high-beam glow. It’s absolutely gorgeous. If I want to see my clavicle from space (and sometimes I do), I’ll tap a liquid highlighter on my chest after applying. It gives you that I’ve been laying by the pool all day, baby can you make me a drink? glow. You know the one.

summer fridays body oil

The Smell

Oh, and how could I not mention the smell? The Summer Fridays signature scent gets me every time. It’s a warm blend of coconut, vanilla, and almond—and it smells just like summer and sunscreen in the most beautiful, grown-up way.

The Stick Factor

I immediately noticed this oil made my skin instantly softer, as most oils will do, but it didn’t stick to my clothes—at all. I kept checking throughout the morning, pulling my shirt away from my shoulder and running my hand under my collar, and nothing. My skin felt soft and my clothes felt dry. I kept double and triple-checking, waiting to be proved wrong, but it felt exactly how I’ve always hoped a body oil would wear.

Me in Summer Fridays Pool Time Glow Oil

The Bottom Line

Summer Fridays Pool Time Glow Oil may not have made me into a believer in all body oils, but it has sure made me a believer in this one, and not a moment too soon. No matter if I’m by a pool or running errands, I’ll be wearing this all summer, to help make up for the summer we missed.

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