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Every single one of us can relate to struggling with some sort of common skin problem or condition—think breakouts, sunburn, rosacea, or skin texture, to name a few. Chances are you’ve also experienced trying a barrage of treatments or products to successfully or unsuccessfully banish or cure whatever it was.

Cristina Carlino, Philosophy’s founder, has also had a similar experience, struggling with acne, sun damage, and hyperpigmentation, which is why, in 1996, she decided to create Philosophy. “She believed that these concerns should be treated by medical professionals but also understood that not all women wanted to shop for their skincare at the doctor’s office,” says Margot Humbert, Philosophy’s senior vice president of global.


FOUNDED BY: Cristina Carlino, in 1996

BASED IN: Phoenix, AZ

PRICING: $7–$151

BEST KNOWN FOR: Quality yet simple, multifunctional skincare products that can be used by everyone

MOST POPULAR PRODUCTS: Purity One-Step Facial Cleanser and Amazing Grace eau de toilette

FUN FACT: In 2014, the brand started the Hope & Grace initiative to support mental health and well-being. Since its start, the initiative has donated almost $5.7 million, which has impacted nearly 1.8 million women.

OTHER BRANDS YOU’LL LOVE: Kiehl’s, Origins, and L’Occitane.

The line was not only intended to be sold outside the doctor’s office but also to help treat a whole slew of common skincare concerns. “She wanted to offer highly efficacious products that could be sold directly to the consumer and used right at home,” says Humbert. In other words, the brand’s goal was to help make efficient skincare accessible for everyone, which isn’t always how things play out today.

But that’s not all: Philosophy also aims to help women improve their lives by encouraging the practice of self-care—which is another reason why the brand was developed. With life getting busier, it can be tough to carve out time for ourselves, so having a few moments to take care of ourselves can shift our entire mindset (sometimes even our entire day).

Ahead, the best skincare products from Philosophy to upgrade your self-care game.

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Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser

philosophy one step facial cleanser
Philosophy One-Step Facial Cleanser $25.00

According to the brand, one of these cleansers sells every 53 seconds, making it their best-selling product. Enriched with meadowfoam seed oil, the multitasking cleanser deeply cleanses away makeup, dirt, and other buildup while toning skin—without stripping away any moisture or leaving skin super irritated like some other cleansers do. Not to mention, it’s safe to use on all skin types, including sensitive.


Meadowfoam (a.k.a. Limnanthes alba) seed oil is derived from meadowfoam seeds and is composed of mostly fatty acids and antioxidants. The emollient helps lock in moisture and soften skin.

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Amazing Grace

philosophy amazing grace
Philosophy Amazing Grace eau de toilette $52.00

Scented with notes of bergamot, muguet blossoms, and musk, this perfume is described as the fragrance for women who don’t wear fragrance. It is a sensorial experience designed to draw people in—without overwhelming them—and was the first perfume to capture the scent that clean skin and simplicity are sexy, explains Humbert. And, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that this perfume just celebrated its 25th anniversary.

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The Microdelivery Resurfacing Peel

philosophy microdelivery resurfacing peel
Philosophy The Microdelivery Resurfacing Peel $72.00

In just under three minutes, this two-step peel will completely transform your skin. Its hero ingredients—vitamin C and peptides—work in conjunction to brighten, smooth rough texture, even out skin tone, and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, according to Humbert, the microdelivery resurfacing peel was one of the first-ever at-home peels to come on the market. “It really built Philosophy’s authority as a peel expert.”

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Purity Made Simple Pore Extractor Clay Mask

philosophy purity made simple pore extractor face mask
Philosophy Purity Made Simple Pore Extractor Clay Mask $36.00

Humbert dubs this face mask and the microdelivery resurfacing pill as her personal favorites. “These two products are the holy grail when it comes to refining skin texture and adding a radiant glow,” she says. She uses this mask once a week on her T-zone, especially where her pores are the most visible, and uses the peel every 10 days before special events or occasions. All in all, make sure you save a spot for this skin savior in your skincare arsenal.

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Renewed Hope in a Jar Refreshing & Refining Moisturizer

renewed hope in a jar refreshing and refining moisturizer
Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Refreshing & Refining Moisturizer $39.00

Applying moisturizer to your skin is a necessity, but it can be tricky to find one that adds a beautiful sheen without feeling too heavy on the skin. Enter: Renewed Hope in a Jar Refreshing & Refining Moisturizer. The whipped formula and lightweight consistency help refine texture, brighten, and reenergize the skin to provide a gorgeous glow—no highlighter needed. Its MVP ingredient, AHAs, gently keeps dullness and dead skin cells at bay, so getting that glow is simple.

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Nature in a Jar Cica Complex Recovery Moisturizer

philosophy nature in a jar cica complex recovery moisturizer
Philosophy Nature in a Jar Cica Complex Recovery Moisturizer $49.00

Known for its rich, nourishing consistency, this moisturizer helps restore moisture, soothe dryness, and improve the appearance of texture and tone. With its slew of gentle ingredients, it’s specifically formulated for sensitive skin—but it can also be used by others, too. Plus, according to Humbert, it was also the brand’s hero product in their first-ever clean and sustainable line. Did we also mention that its packaging is made with up to 20% of recycled glass?

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Microdelivery Resurfacing Solution

philosophy microdelivery resurfacing solution
Philosophy Microdelivery Resurfacing Solution $40.00

Love the idea of glowing skin but hate the idea of a tedious routine? Let us introduce you to this gentle resurfacing solution. Created with a mixture of 4% AHAs (aka alpha hydroxy acids), cica, and vitamin C, this daily liquid exfoliator reduces the appearance of pores, evens out skin tone, and increases skins hydration with just one swipe. And it also leaves your skin refreshed, free of dead skin cells, and absolutely glowing.

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Amazing Grace Jasmine Shampoo, Bath & Body Shower Gel

philosophy amazing grace jasmine shampoo, bath, & body shower gel
Philosophy Amazing Grace Jasmine Shampoo, Bath & Body Shower Gel $28.00

Looking to enhance your shower or bath experience? Try using this multi-use body cleanser, which can be lathered on with a loofah, massaged into your scalp, or thrown into the tub to create luxurious bubbles. Since it merges a shampoo, body wash, and bath gel into one, it’ll also save some space in your shower, too. Seriously, make sure you create some space in your bathroom for this one.


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