Touchless Treatments Are Become Increasingly Popular—But Are They Worth It?


Touchless Treatments Red Light Therapy

There’s no shame in practicing some self-care, especially after the intense stress of the past year. And while there is nothing wrong with going for a massage or facial (provided all recommended safety measures are followed), if you want a way to pamper yourself without the risk of exposing yourself to others, touchless treatments are the way to go.

Using high-tech machines, these brand new treatments each have different benefits for your skin and body. They’re a great way to detox, rejuvenate, and reduce overall inflammation. During my experience, I tried Vibroacoustic, Electromagnetic, and Infrared Therapy (also known as VEMI), as well as the Prism Light Pod. Though different from each other, they were both noninvasive experiences, but nonetheless still strange to wrap your head around—especially as someone who was used to getting facials during pre-pandemic life.

Wondering whether I would go back after trying touchless treatments, and if they’re worth the money? Read on to find out my entire experience.

What Are Touchless Treatments?

Vibroacoustic, Electromagnetic, and Infrared Therapy, or VEMI, uses a machine that looks like a sleek chair. While you’re sitting on it, the VEMI machine creates a point of high physical, mental, and cellular coherence to shift the body into a state of rest and digest (also called parasympathetic). While your body is in this state (usually for 8-12 hours following the treatment), it will experience healing without EMF radiation (also known as electrosmog). EMF is emitted from technology—usually in our homes and offices—and consistent exposure to it has been proven to disrupt cells and membranes, so if you work long hours or otherwise have a lot of screen time, you can imagine how this takes its toll. VEMI therapy removes this EMF from our body, which allows us to heal the damage done to our cells, effectively resetting them.

On the other hand, the Prism Light Pod uses red light therapy to accelerate healing, restore the body, soothe skin conditions, build collagen, and more. Red light therapy uses low wavelengths of light to treat the skin and can penetrate deeply into the skin. By sitting in this pod for ten minutes or more, you can gain a wide range of benefits. This treatment offers mitochondrial healing, which helps to increase your energy while speeding the regeneration of healthy cells.

Benefits of VEMI and Prism Light Pod

Both treatments have significant benefits on the body. VEMI therapy, says Christina Dorelien, Medical Nurse LPN and Director of Health & Wellness at Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, significantly reduces static electromagnetic frequencies. “This leads to a profound state of relaxation and ease,” she explains. “The healing PEMF (Pulse Electromagnetic Frequencies) effectively ground the individual, resulting in 8-12 hours of deep parasympathetic rest while enhancing the regeneration of all cell types for days to come.”

The benefits of the Prism Light Pod, explains Kim Krumroy, Lead Esthetician at Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, come from the red light therapy. “It has low wavelengths of light that can treat the skin while not causing any irritation or damage,” she says. It benefits the skin in several ways, which you can see below. Krumroy adds, “Collagen begins to lose its structural strength as we age, and [this] affects all skin in the body so it’s important to boost it to prevent loss of skin tone, dull skin, and more.”

  • Soothes skin conditions
  • Improves overall complexion
  • Builds collagen
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles

How to Prepare for Touchless Treatments

One of the best parts of these treatments is the lack of preparation needed before them. For the VEMI, absolutely nothing was required in advance. You sit on the chair fully clothed, put on the headphones, and just relax. On the other hand, while the Prism Light Pod still requires minimal effort, you do need to remove your clothing aside from undergarments before stepping into the machine. Furthermore, although not required, if you have sensitive eyes, you should definitely wear the goggles that they give you before the red light therapy treatment.

What to Expect During Touchless Treatment

Touchless Treatments VEMI Therapy Machine

Both treatments were painless and easy. During the VEMI, you’re brought into a relaxing room, where you sit on the machine and either take a nap (like me) or watch the provided video. You’ll also have headphones on with relaxing music playing during the treatment. It’s simple and you’ll be getting added benefits while you relax.

The Prism Light Pod involves pressing the start button and lying down inside. The machine will turn on with a super bright red light—this is why those goggles will be handy if you have sensitive eyes. During this treatment, the red light can get a little hot (not bad at all—I barely felt it), but it’s also super simple. You turn on the machine, but it turns off by itself once done, so there’s no need for anyone to be inside the room.

I personally loved both treatments as they were seamless and provided me with ample relaxation time while I experienced the benefits. It’s also worth mentioning that both machines are fully sanitized by the staff before and after you use them.

At-Home vs. Professional

While red light therapy can be performed at home with a device, the VEMI treatment cannot. Both professional and home tools for red light therapy come in a variety of options, but most are in the form of pods, handheld devices, or masks. It’s worth noting that normally the at-home devices are less potent than the ones used in the spa, so if you’re a big fan of red light therapy, you may want to still go in for treatment periodically, then use a DIY option in between.

Side Effects

Both treatments have minimal or no side effects and are considered safe.


Arguably, the best part about these treatments is that there is absolutely no aftercare necessary. I got to spend time relaxing while reaping benefits for both my body and skin. Realistically, both are great options to treat yourself to a calming wellness experience with lasting effects.

Final Takeaway

All in all, I loved my experience. Both treatments provided great benefits, and the process of receiving them was super seamless. It was a fun way to enjoy a professional treatment during the pandemic, and I definitely felt myself relax for what felt like the first time in months. I can definitely see myself returning for more.

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