What Is an Ashley Piercing? The whole lot You Have to Know About This Uncommon Stud


Ashley piercings, or a single piercing on the underside lip, have a wierd title origin: nowhere. The only-stud piercing’s title doesn’t essentially come from wherever particular, although many assume it was first pierced by or gotten by somebody named Ashley. “Very like most piercings with names, exterior of the technical description, they’re all a thriller,” says William Thompson, skilled piercer at Blacklisted Tattoo in Crown Level, Indiana.

The precise title for this piercing is an inverted vertical labret. Whereas a typical vertical labret has two seen factors, the Ashley piercing solely has one, because it’s fastened to the inside mouth. In case you’re curious about studying extra in regards to the piercing, learn on for all the things you want to find out about Ashley piercings.

Meet the Knowledgeable

  • William Thompson is an expert piercer at Blacklisted Tattoo in Crown Level, Indiana.
  • Kynzi Gamble is an expert piercer at Ink’d Up Tattoo Parlor in Boaz, AL. 
  • Joshua Zeichner, MD, is an affiliate professor and Director of Beauty and Scientific Analysis on the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.

Ashley Piercing

Placement: The underside lip

Pricing: $40-$80

Ache stage: “I’d say this charges roughly a 5 or a six,” says Thompson

Therapeutic time: 12-16 weeks

Aftercare: Wash the skin of the piercing with saline resolution and the within with diluted alcohol-free mouthwash twice a day

What’s an Ashley Piercing?

“An Ashley piercing is a single piercing that goes instantly by means of the middle of the underside lip, exiting by means of the again of the lip,” says Kynzi Gamble, an expert piercer at Ink’d Up Tattoo Parlor in Boaz, AL. 

An Ashley piercing is a little more concerned, as they’re pierced in response to your anatomy. Seek the advice of with a piercer earlier than getting it achieved to make sure it appears to be like the very best it could possibly. “Placement ought to all the time take the anatomy of the lips and tooth under consideration to ensure it’s secure to pierce,” says Thompson. “This implies on the lookout for any veins within the path of the piercing in addition to not damaging gum lining or tooth.”

Whether it is secure to pierce, the piercer will first clear the realm earlier than marking the place the piercing will go. Some piercers could use forceps to carry the lip in place, although others could select to freehand it. Both means, as soon as the mark is authorized, the needle is pushed by means of the lip, and the chosen jewellery is put in.

In accordance with Joshua Zeichner, MD, affiliate professor and Director of Beauty and Scientific Analysis on the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, Ashley piercings ought to solely be achieved by a piercer who has expertise with lip piercings, because it’s straightforward to get it fallacious and trigger trauma to the pores and skin.

“It will be important that the particular person creating the piercing is intimately [knowledgeable about] the anatomy of the lip as to not injury any blood vessels or nerves that run within the space in query,” says Zeichner.

Ache and Therapeutic Time

Whereas each piercing will harm a minimum of a bit—it’s a needle being pushed by means of your pores and skin, in spite of everything—precisely how a lot ache you’ll be in depends upon your particular person ache tolerance. Thompson says that, on a scale of 1 to 10, an Ashley piercing is someplace round a 5 or 6. “Whereas the piercing is not essentially painful, there’s a whole lot of swelling related to it,” says Thompson. 

“Common heal time for an Ashley piercing will be wherever from 12-16 weeks,” says Gamble. Throughout that therapeutic time, you’ll need to get your jewellery modified out. “Your piercer must be utilizing an extended barbell when it is initially pierced to permit for swelling,” says Thompson. “Just a few weeks after your preliminary piercing, the consumer will see their piercer to have the put up shortened—downsized—for a flush match for the rest of the therapeutic interval.”

Price of an Ashley Piercing

The price of a piercing will differ relying on a number of elements, together with the piercing store, the piercer’s expertise, and the area you’re in. Nonetheless, Gamble says to not go for whichever location is the least costly and as an alternative select an expert and well-respected piercer. “I’d say a variety is wherever from $40-80 round my space,” says Gamble. “However watch out going to locations with very low cost pricing—you get what you pay for!”


Aftercare for an Ashley piercing is a little more difficult than, say, an ear-piercing, as you’re coping with an oral piercing. As a result of a part of the jewellery is within the mouth, it’s essential to maintain the realm clear. “Since this piercing is contained in the mouth the place meals and drinks go, it is essential to rinse your mouth out after each snack or meal,” says Gamble.

To greatest rinse your piercing, Gamble recommends alcohol-free mouthwash diluted half-and-half with water. Swirl it across the piercing web site twice a day and clear the skin of the piercing web site with a saline wash. Watch out by no means to the touch or chunk your piercing whereas it’s therapeutic both, as this may occasionally trigger the wound extra trauma.

Facet Results of Piercing

An infection: “Making a [piercing] that goes from the skin to the within of the lip can improve the danger of creating infections,” says Zeichner. “Having a piercing on the within of the lip can virtually be troublesome as meals can get caught across the piercing itself.” In case you discover extended swelling, redness, burning, itching, or intense ache, search medical consideration, as it could be an an infection.

Scarring: In case your jewellery is irritated in the course of the therapeutic course of and extra trauma is brought about to the pores and skin, you could possibly kind a scar. These may mess with the piercing web site however in the end aren’t dangerous. Keloids also can kind if irritation goes unnoticed or untreated. These are build-ups of scar tissue across the piercing web site that aren’t painful however can get fairly massive.

Swelling: It’s widespread for lip piercings to swell, and with Ashley piercings, you’ll be able to count on it. Ashley piercings must be modified out as quickly as they’re totally healed, because the bar a piercer makes use of tends to be longer than essential to accommodate that swelling. Don’t panic in the event you see swelling or in case your jewellery finally ends up feeling a bit looser on the finish of the therapeutic interval — it’s not solely regular however correctly therapeutic!

Change Out an Ashley Piercing

Gamble suggests downsizing your Ashley piercing as quickly as It is healed to permit for a extra everlasting match. “It is good to start out these piercings with a little bit of an extended labret bar to permit for swelling, however as quickly because it’s healed, it is essential to vary out your labret stud to a shorter match to permit for extra consolation and stop it from rubbing towards your tooth,” says Gamble.

When you’ve downsized, although, you’re greater than welcome to vary it out your self. All it’s important to do is screw off the highest of the jewellery and screw on a brand new one—the fastened again of the jewellery shouldn’t be eliminated as soon as positioned by your piercer.

What Sort of Jewellery Is Used for an Ashley Piercing?

Labret stud: A labret stud is jewellery with a set, flat again and a threaded, detachable accent, like a ball, on the entrance. Labret studs are usually used for lip piercings however may be seen on-ear or nostril piercings. They’re pierced by marking the realm, then passing a needle by means of the pores and skin earlier than putting in the jewellery.

What Jewellery Materials Is Used for Ashley Piercings?

“Make sure that to make use of an inert metallic, … that are unlikely to trigger an allergic response within the pores and skin,” says Zeichner.

Surgical chrome steel: Chrome steel is among the most typical jewellery metals, but it surely does include nickel, which may trigger an allergic resection. It’s thought-about in any other case secure, although, so if you understand for certain you don’t have a nickel piercing, it could be one in all your greatest decisions.

Gold: For followers of gold jewellery, it’s essential to be sure to select a metallic that’s 14 karats or larger. If not, the metallic may very well be a bit too tender and should harbor micro organism.

Titanium: In case you’re anxious about an allergic response or irritation, go for the most secure choice: titanium. This metallic doesn’t include any nickel, it gained’t tarnish, and it’s light-weight, so that you don’t need to concentrate on when to vary it subsequent out.

Pure Sterling Silver: Sterling silver is one other common selection, although it could be greatest to speak to your piercer about it first, as if it’s not the purest type of the metallic, it could harbor micro organism due to being too tender — like gold.

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