What Is Creatine, and Ought to You Be Taking It?


In the event you observe any health influencers on social media or spend an honest period of time within the weight room, there’s an excellent probability you’re aware of the purported muscle-building advantages of creatine. Earlier than you determine so as to add the favored complement to your routine, nevertheless, it’s essential to know precisely what it’s, what it does, all of the potential uncomfortable side effects, and precisely the way to use it. We requested doctor Dr. Gary Soffer, MD, and board-certified sports activities dietitian Tara Collingwood to inform us every thing there may be to find out about creatine. Learn on for what they needed to say.

Meet the Knowledgeable

  • Dr. Gary Soffer, MD, is an integrative medication doctor at Yale Medication.
  • Tara Collingwood, MS, RDN, CSSD, LD/N, ACSM-CPT, is a board-certified sports activities dietitian and licensed private coach.

What Is Creatine?

In contrast to among the different fashionable dietary supplements available on the market, creatine has been round—and in you—because the begin of time. “Creatine is a naturally occurring compound that your physique produces to assist your skeletal muscle tissues metabolize power,” explains Soffer. In layman’s phrases, it performs a task in changing meals into power. 

Primarily saved in skeletal muscle, it may also be discovered within the mind, coronary heart, and different tissues. “The liver and kidneys naturally produce creatine from three amino acids—methionine, arginine, and glycine—that are protein constructing blocks,” Soffer explains. 

Collingwood provides that we get some creatine from dietary amino acids, “principally from meat and fish, and our our bodies make the remainder naturally.” Moreover, you may take creatine dietary supplements. 

Creatine additionally alters a number of mobile processes that result in elevated muscle mass, energy, and restoration explains Collingwood. “It will increase phosphocreatine ranges which may also help enhance efficiency by offering extra power to the muscle tissues.” Therefore the explanation why it’s the preferred complement for figuring out, particularly for bodybuilders, Soffer factors out. 

How Does It Work?

Soffer explains that the cells of your muscle tissues, myocytes, use creatine to make phosphocreatine. Phosphocreatine is then used to transform adenosine diphosphate to adenosine triphosphate (ATP). “All of our cells depend on ATP to perform, and it’s particularly vital throughout high-intensity workouts carried out for brief durations,” he says. 

Phosphocreatine may serve one other goal by buffering among the ions that may construct up with lactic acid manufacturing throughout difficult exercises. “With these two mechanisms creatine can enhance each the energy of the muscle and the length during which the muscle can be utilized,” he summarizes. 

The Advantages 

There are a couple of potential advantages of amping up your creatine consumption, a few of them with extra scientific backing than others. 

  • It may possibly assist enhance athletic means: The best proof for creatine supplementation is in athletic efficiency, “with a modest enchancment in rowers, soccer gamers, and volleyball gamers,” says Soffer. “The proof for different sports activities like working and biking is much less clear however promising.” 
  • It could assist enhance muscle energy: Creatine may assist enhance your muscle energy. “Research have demonstrated that creatine supplementation might enhance each chest press energy and leg press energy,” states Soffer. 
  • It could assist enhance mind perform and cognition: Collingwood factors to restricted scientific proof that creatine might have brain-boosting advantages. A 2018 evaluate of research printed in Experimental Gerontology discovered proof that “brief time period reminiscence and intelligence/reasoning could also be improved by creatine administration.” Nonetheless, when it comes to different cognitive domains—long-term reminiscence, spatial reminiscence, reminiscence scanning, consideration, government perform, response inhibition, phrase fluency, response time, and psychological fatigue—outcomes had been conflicting.
  • It could enhance psychological efficiency: Just a few small research discovered that creatine can offset the kind of psychological efficiency decline just like if you end up sleep disadvantaged. One 2011 examine printed within the Journal of the Worldwide Society of Sports activities Medication discovered that creatine was simply as efficient as caffeine at offsetting the impression of sleep deprivation on athletic efficiency. 

Find out how to Use Creatine

Creatine is mostly used to enhance athletic efficiency, says Soffer. It’s accessible in tablet, powder, and answer type, with powder serving as the commonest supplemental possibility. “It mostly is offered within the monohydrate type which is essentially the most properly researched,” he explains. Different formulations—offered as nitrates or di-creatine—are much less studied however usually include claims not supported by the scientific proof, he says.

And whereas creatine will be dissolved into any liquid, consultants keep that fruit juice or sports activities drinks are the perfect mixers as they may assist up your insulin ranges, rising creatine uptake within the muscle. When it comes to the liquid to answer ratio, observe the instructions on the bottle.


Soffer reveals that there are a number of approaches to dosing. The commonest is known as ‘acute loading,’ “initiated with a loading dose of 20 grams every day for as much as seven days adopted by a upkeep dose of 2-3 grams,” he explains. Nonetheless, plainly skipping the loading part altogether and easily taking 3 grams a day may be an efficient method. 

“Some athletes prefer to cycle with extra for per week or two at a time with 10-20 grams per day and cut up it up all through the day,” provides Collingwood. 

Security Issues 

Creatine taken orally is mostly secure and well-tolerated, Soffer maintains. Frequent uncomfortable side effects embody diarrhea, abdomen aches, dehydration, muscle cramps, and water retention. “There have additionally been instances reported of kidney failure, rhabdomyolysis, and blood clots,” he says. As a result of creatine can impression the kidneys, individuals with preexisting kidney issues ought to communicate with their physician earlier than taking it.  

The Greatest Creatine Dietary supplements 

Klean Creatine

Klean Athlete
Klean Creatine

Klean Creatine is “is NSF-Licensed for Sport,” says Collingwood. Every serving presents 5 grams of clinically-researched Creapure creatine monohydrate.

Momentous Performance Creatine

Efficiency Creatine

One other NSF-Licensed for Sport creatine advisable by Collingwood is the Momentous Efficiency Creatine, a monohydrate components that simply dissolves into liquids. 

BulkSupplements.com Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine Monohydrate

Whereas this creatine monohydrate possibility doesn’t include NSF certification, it has the endorsement of Amazon reviewers and is the top-selling creatine on the web site. It additionally has a median score of 4.6-stars from practically 24,000 reviewers and is a cheap possibility. 

The Takeaway 

In case you are in search of that further kick when figuring out creatine could also be an excellent possibility for you, suggests Soffer. Nonetheless, if you’re in search of sustained and long-lasting results, the proof is much less clear. “I sometimes suggest creatine for athletes trying to acquire muscle mass. I’ve them take it throughout phases of heavier lifting after which cycle right down to a upkeep dose,” Collingwood provides.

Nonetheless, for the typical individual, creatine just isn’t mandatory. “I solely actually suggest it for athletes or for lively people actually in search of an additional edge with gaining a little bit of muscle, bettering high-intensity exercises, or in search of higher restoration.”

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