Why Folks Have to Cease Telling Me Having Brief Hair Is "Courageous"


Once I was just a little child, I used to cringe when individuals instructed me they have been “proud” of me. It wasn’t from a insecurity (I used to be a lot pleased with myself at that age). As a substitute, it was merely that, even at 6 or 7, I sensed a tiny whisper of condescension on this phrase. I received that it was speculated to be a praise, however when somebody stated they have been pleased with me, it virtually felt just like the individual was implying that I might shocked them by doing one thing proper—getting grade, performing effectively at a violin recital—or that my achievements have been “cute” however not spectacular (which, on the time, was most likely true). All of us have phrases that rub us the flawed manner for some motive, and to my childhood ear, there was a touch of judgment lurking below the phrase “proud” that I simply could not ignore.

In fact, individuals let you know they’re pleased with you far more whenever you’re a child than they do whenever you’re an grownup, so I have never heard that one shortly. (Perhaps by maturity individuals understand how condescending it’s?) However now that I am in my mid-20s, I’ve began listening to a phrase that irks me much more: The phrase “courageous.” Not courageous within the context of going to struggle or battling most cancers—I am speaking concerning the bizarrely frequent phenomenon of utilizing the phrase “courageous” to explain a haircut. As in, “Wow, you are so courageous for slicing your hair quick!” Or, “I might by no means lower my hair like that—you are so courageous!” As somebody who’s undergone just a few hair transformations in recent times, I have been referred to as “courageous” extra occasions than I deserve.

This is the factor, although: Altering your coiffure is not courageous, and saying that it’s will not be a praise. In my view, all of us must cease telling those that making acutely aware selections about their look is “courageous.” Let me clarify…

First, some backstory: A few month in the past, I lower my hair the shortest it has been since I used to be a toddler. I bid adieu to about 4 inches, leading to a blunt bob that ended proper on the criminal of my smile. For me, this was not an emotional haircut, although I’ve had these earlier than. (At 23, I lower off eight inches of hair, a transfer that symbolized my letting go of outdated insecurities). However this lower was purely aesthetic. I believed a cropped bob would modernize my look, convey me some edge. I made a decision to do it on a whim, after which I texted my stylist buddy Melissa Hoyle (the one individual I’ve let lower my hair in three years). “I feel I desire a type of Tavi Gevinson, Lea Seydoux, cool-girl crop,” I instructed her.

The following day, I went into the salon (Spoke + Weal in Los Angeles), and that is simply what we did. I did not cry when the inches got here off or really feel like a “new individual.” But for some motive, within the days after, a couple of dozen individuals instructed me how “courageous” I used to be for making the chop. “Wow, it takes confidence to chop your hair that quick—you are so daring, so courageous!” buddies and associates instructed me.

Once more, I figured all of them meant this as a praise, however as a result of my haircut did not really feel courageous, it was laborious to take. I needed to marvel: What was courageous about slicing my hair quick, precisely? That I did not seem like each different lady in Los Angeles? That I might dare to desire a haircut that took lower than two hours to fashion? Is it actually “courageous” merely to be a girl who would not look (or care to look) like a contestant on The Bachelor and never really feel ashamed?

Is it actually “courageous” merely to be a girl who would not look (or care to look) like a contestant on The Bachelor and never really feel ashamed?

It was laborious for me to pinpoint precisely what was so bothersome about associating my haircut with the phrase “courageous.” Then, I remembered one thing the creator Megan Daum instructed me. I interviewed Daum just a few years in the past, and sooner or later, I instructed that the topics she wrote about took bravery, to which she responded, “I hate being referred to as ‘courageous.’ … ‘Courageous’ is doing one thing you are afraid to do. ‘Courageous’ … includes relinquishing management.”

Daum defined that it might be terrifying to blindly dump the unfiltered contents of her mind onto a web page and hit publish, however that may by no means occur. Her phrases, like my haircut, have been a acutely aware selection, completely inside her management. To name them courageous was to miss how rigorously they have been thought of. Equally, to name my haircut courageous was to suggest that I had no say in it, that I had carried out it by chance, or for any motive apart from I believed it was cool. Which, in a manner, implied that it wasn’t.

Lena Dunham has expressed comparable contempt when followers and critics have referred to as her “courageous” for exposing her bare body on Women. Right here, the phrase “courageous” felt like a dig, a passive-aggressive insinuation that her nude physique was, in Dunham’s phrases, “fucking humorous wanting.” In an Instagram publish, Dunham tell us her true ideas on the matter: “Let’s get one thing straight: I did not hate what I seemed like—I hated the tradition that was telling me to hate it. When my profession began, some individuals celebrated my look however all the time via the lens of, ‘Is not she courageous? Is not it such a daring transfer to point out THAT physique on TV?'”

Calling my quick hair courageous felt equally backhanded. To me, the subtext learn, “Your hair is not as fairly as different women. How audacious of you to look this fashion.” In fact, all of this goes with out saying that my haircut wasn’t even that intense: It was a bob, for goodness’ sake. It isn’t as if I buzzed my head and dyed my eyebrows blue. (Though labeling that selection “courageous” would most likely be simply as problematic for all the identical causes I’ve outlined right here.) To not point out that calling a haircut courageous completely minimizes precise bravery—you realize, that factor that individuals exhibit when confronting legitimately harmful conditions, like fight or life-threatening surgical procedure. Not solely did I actively wish to lower my hair, there was zero danger concerned. Could I repeat: My bob haircut does not make me courageous.

In fact, typically a haircut does signify one thing deeper. The primary time I lower my hair quick felt like liberation—a shedding of teenage self-hatred and desperation. “In my expertise, ladies chop their hair to eliminate what will not be serving them anymore,” my stylist Melissa Hoyle explains. “Feelings are tied to every part. Usually, slicing off the lifeless inches means you might be prepared for a contemporary begin.”

In different phrases, for a lot of ladies, a brief haircut may symbolize newfound independence, confidence, or self-acceptance. However is it actually that radical, that “courageous,” for a girl to not want lengthy hair to just accept herself? If that’s the case, I hope all of the rad short-haired women on this planet are inspiring that to alter. And within the meantime, I’ll maintain my chin-length crop, not for the political assertion, not for the compliments, however as a result of I feel it is cool. And since I prefer to really feel the breeze on my neck in the summertime. It is actually very nice. You need to attempt it someday.

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