Will Rogaine Assist Develop Fuller Eyebrows? We Examine


rogaine for eyebrows

Our quest for the right eyebrows sometimes makes us flip to unconventional ways. We tint and tattoo them. We over-pluck them (and consequently fill them in), then we make ourselves loopy attempting to develop them again once more. Rinse and repeat, as they are saying.

The forehead regrowth journey is a twisted story, and suffice to say we’re prepared to strive nearly every part to get them wanting full and luxurious. Although one modality has us continuing with trepidation—and that’s Rogaine. (Sure, the favored hair regrowth remedy reserved for the hair that grows in your scalp.) Does it truly work? Are there uncomfortable side effects? Right here, we converse to a dermatologist, a trichologist, and an authorized forehead skilled to get all of the solutions earlier than you strive it out. (Significantly—learn the entire article earlier than you even suppose to aim it.)

What Is Rogaine?

Rogaine (or its generic title, minoxidil) is a topical hair progress remedy. Whereas it’s unknown how precisely the remedy works, it appears to assist dilates blood vessels within the scalp, which then improves hair follicle operate and stimulates hair progress.1

Can You Use Rogaine for Eyebrows?

As you most likely know, Rogaine is historically used as a scalp remedy, identified for its means to successfully regrow hair in your head. It generates hair regrowth whereas additionally stopping future hair loss—a seemingly win-win state of affairs. It’s accessible in two totally different concentrations: two p.c and 5 p.c. Dermatologists will often advise you to start with two p.c, however you may ultimately improve the power in the event you’re not getting your required outcomes after a sure period of time.

Now, in the event you had been to hypothetically apply it to your brows, there are some things you need to know.

To begin utilizing it, you’d must be prepared for lots of dedication: You’d hypothetically want to make use of it each day for it to work successfully, utilizing a Q-tip or beauty stick to use it.

However be warned: Discontinuing using the product or just utilizing it intermittently can significantly disrupt the method and really result in hair loss with no regrowth as a replacement. And if that doesn’t deter you from attempting it out, a few of the nasty uncomfortable side effects may.

What the Execs Say

Initially, you actually shouldn’t put something close to your eye space that isn’t meant for it. “The energetic ingredient in Rogaine is minoxidil, and the primary concern I’ve is placing something that is a chemical across the eye space that is not indicated for the attention space,” says Joey Healy, forehead stylist and proprietor of Joey Healy Eyebrow Studio in Manhattan. “Nowhere does Rogaine declare that is efficient or must be used for eyebrows.”

When it comes right down to it, most consultants wouldn’t advise placing Rogaine wherever however the scalp. “Rogaine is a topical answer for the scalp solely,” says Penny James, trichologist and proprietor of Penny James Salon. “The pores and skin’s simply too skinny across the eyebrow bone, and Rogaine has not been cleared by the FDA for use wherever else however the scalp.”

Healy agrees. “I’ve talked to many dermatologists about this, and belief me that forehead hair and head hair are very totally different entities and have very totally different cycles of progress, which has quite a bit to do with why I wouldn’t advocate Rogaine on your brows,” he says. “Your brows and your eyelashes are extra related, and your brows and the hair in your head are much less related.”

Aspect Results

Sure, we’re all about getting nice brows at nearly any price, however there is a restrict as to how far we’ll go for them, particularly when a remedy comes together with some unsavory signs.

There’s one research printed in 2014 that concluded there have been “minimal uncomfortable side effects” after utilizing Rogaine as a forehead progress remedy,2 however in keeping with each skilled interviewed, in the event you put Rogaine in your brows, you’re placing your self in danger for edema (aka swelling and irritation), erythema (crimson patches), and pruritus (or persistent itchy pores and skin). Yikes. “Whenever you apply Rogaine to wherever however your scalp, you threat irritation and presumably getting the components in your eye, which might be horrible,” says Healy. “[You might see] rash, dermatitis, and undesirable extra hair within the type of peach fuzz across the forehead and common dryness of the pores and skin.”

To that final level, minoxidil is understood for its drying parts, and a few individuals who apply it to their scalp expertise dandruff. These drying qualities would doubtless solely be exacerbated by thinner eyebrow hair and the extra delicate, delicate pores and skin surrounding it.

However… Does it Work?

Right here’s the factor: You may truly see some outcomes in the event you do strive it out, in keeping with dermatologist Hadley King, MD—though she agrees you threat uncomfortable side effects like burning, dryness, itchiness, redness, scaling, and undesirable hair progress. (As soon as once more: Yikes, and we definitely don’t advise it.)

A 2012 research investigated the efficacy of minoxidil versus bimatoprost (Latisse) for eyebrows. After 16 weeks, each formulation had been discovered to be equally efficient for hair regeneration.3 “A subsequent research in contrast Rogaine with a placebo, and located that contributors who used Rogaine noticed higher outcomes total,” in keeping with King.

So, researchers have the truth is concluded that Rogaine will be an efficient remedy for eyebrows. That mentioned, it’s most likely not definitely worth the threat when tons of safer and equally efficient options exist.

What are Some Higher Forehead Development Options?

As an alternative of Rogaine, you may strive castor oil, some protected, DIY remedies, Latisse, related serums (particularly these with peptides), or microblading, which James suggests as nicely.

The underside line is—you’re higher off protecting your brows as is than attempting Rogaine, one thing which may hurt your pores and skin. Even in the event you’re prepared to get good brows in any respect prices.

The consultants agree. “Rogaine has by no means and can by no means let you know to apply it to your eyebrows,” says Healy, “You really want a serum with peptides.”

So there you might have it: Don’t, we repeat, don’t use Rogaine in your eyebrows. As an alternative, discover our favourite forehead remedies and serums (that received’t lead to crimson patches or forehead dandruff) right here.


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