Xanthan Gum Is in Nearly Each Hair Product—However What Does It Do?


Studying the ingredient checklist on magnificence and hair merchandise can generally really feel such as you’re taking a chemistry class. Whereas it will probably really feel overwhelming, understanding what’s within the merchandise you utilize each day is essential, and may also help you determine what energetic substances offer you essentially the most profit. As you begin to get extra conversant in these labels, one ingredient you are assured to see listed time and time once more is xanthan gum.

Utilized in all the pieces from conditioner to cookies, xanthan gum is utilized throughout industries and product traces. It has managed to fly beneath the radar regardless of its inclusion in each step of our haircare routines. However for one thing most of us are utilizing (and consuming) each day, do we actually know what xanthan gum is?

To seek out out what xanthan gum is and why it is included in so many formulations, we turned to Dr. Nava Greenfield, MD, and Dr. Jenny Liu, MD, FAAD, to present us the complete scoop. Learn on for what they needed to say.

Xanthan Gum for Hair

Sort of ingredient: Thickener and emulsifying agent

Principal advantages: Thickens formulations, stabilizes hair merchandise, and situations hair and pores and skin.

Who ought to use it: Usually, anybody with a dry scalp or dry, skinny hair. It’s protected for all hair varieties and textures, however its conditioning elements might present further advantages to curly hair. Anybody with a historical past of allergic reactions to corn, wheat, soy, or dairy ought to seek the advice of their physician, as xanthan gum is normally derived from these sources.

How usually can you utilize it: Xanthan gum is an ingredient in most hair and sweetness merchandise and has no recognized adverse results, so it may be used each day so long as it doesn’t trigger an allergic response.

Works properly with: Nearly all substances; xanthan gum is commonly used because the glue that binds all different substances collectively in a formulation.

Don’t use with: There are not any recognized substances that work together with xanthan gum negatively.

What Is Xanthan Gum?

Whereas its identify would possibly suggest in any other case, xanthan gum is definitely a naturally derived ingredient. Sometimes, it comes from corn, wheat, soy, or dairy, which implies it may be included in merchandise which can be marketed as “all-natural.” It’s created from sugars, so it might be able to present moisturizing and conditioning advantages to the hair and scalp by holding oils locked in, Greenfield explains.

Advantages of Xanthan Gum for Hair

Regardless of its fixed inclusion on haircare ingredient lists (it is essentially the most ceaselessly named pure substance), xanthan gum doesn’t really present many advantages to the hair itself. Xanthan gum is a stabilizer created from sugar and causes formulations to stay collectively and never crumble. Xanthan gum helps to thicken and create a good, clean texture, so its focus will fluctuate relying on the product. It additionally features as an emulsifier, guaranteeing that energetic substances work properly collectively, Liu explains. Greenfield echoes this, including “I consider it because the egg inside desserts that holds it collectively after it’s baked.”

  • Thickens formulations: Xanthan gum is an emulsifier and can be utilized to thicken formulations. This permits manufacturers to create constant, clean merchandise which can be the proper consistency for his or her supposed use (leave-in versus wash-out, and many others.). The texture of a product could make all of the distinction, as silky consistencies are sometimes mentally related to prime quality.
  • Circumstances the hair and pores and skin: There may be not a lot recognized definitively in regards to the impact xanthan gum has on pores and skin and hair, however Greenfield says this ingredient has been proven to moisturize the pores and skin by holding oils locked in. When you’ve got dry hair or a dry scalp, Greenfield says the inclusion of xanthan gum may supply some advantages. Liu agrees that there are some conditioning advantages, however cautions that not a variety of analysis has been performed behind its use in pores and skin and hair care.
  • Stabilizes hair merchandise: In contrast to the energetic substances, xanthan gum’s inclusion in hair merchandise is a molecular necessity. Greenfield shares that xanthan gum usually acts as a stabilizer in hair merchandise, guaranteeing the formulation stays collectively. With out xanthan gum, the formulation would possibly separate between manufacturing and ending up within the shopper’s house.

Hair Sort Issues

Our consultants agree that xanthan gum is protected for all hair varieties, because it has little to no impact on the hair or scalp. Greenfield says it could be extra useful to these with a dry scalp or dry, skinny hair, in addition to these with curly hair, on account of its suspected capacity to lock in oils. Too many merchandise containing xanthan gum might trigger extra grease in these with naturally oily scalps.

Whereas there may be little threat to the hair itself, the origins of xanthan gum do make it a possible allergen. Anybody with corn, wheat, soy, or dairy allergic reactions might expertise sensitivity or a response to merchandise containing xanthan gum, as it’s sometimes derived from these sources. Any new product ought to be patch examined earlier than use to keep away from irritation, and a dermatologist ought to be consulted if one happens.

Learn how to Use Xanthan Gum

Regardless of all of the heavy-lifting it does in product formulations, xanthan gum shouldn’t be an ingredient that you’d hunt down by itself to your hair. As a substitute, you are more likely to see it listed as an ingredient in most of the merchandise you already use. Xanthan gum is a goo-like substance that makes lots of your favourite shampoos, conditioners, and styling lotions doable. So the subsequent time you are admiring the dreamy consistency of an all-natural hair product, scan the ingredient checklist for this unsung haircare hero.

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