Your Guide to the Best Disco Skincare Products by ALFREDO MINEO UPDATED ON SEP 13, 2021


Disco Face cleanser

It’s not Studio 54, but founder Benjamin Smith has brought the party to skincare routines everywhere with Disco, a vegan, cruelty free, easy-to-use skincare line for men. The collection consists of eight products for face and body that are available through the brand’s website and at select brick and mortar retailers. But beyond its fun, retro-cool name, what makes Disco stand out? First, it’s mission, which is “to make men feel more confident and comfortable in their skin,” says Smith. The brand follows through with this goal via its dedication to high-quality formulations (which are dermatologist-tested and comprised of clean ingredients) and a simple, yet indulgent, user experience.


FOUNDED: Benjamin Smith

BASED IN: Austin, Texas

BEST KNOWN FOR: Making men’s skincare products fun and easy to use

MOST POPULAR PRODUCT: Repairing Eye Stick, Charcoal Face Cleanser Stick, and Mineral Sun Block

FUN FACT: “It took us 17 iterations to get to our in-market version of the Sun Block,” Smith says.

OTHER BRANDS YOU’LL LOVE: Skinfix, Oars & Alps, Malin & Goetz

Disco strives to create effective, natural skincare that omits the “bad stuff” (think: parabens, phthalates, and other controversial ingredients). “Our science-backed formulation approach ensures we are adhering to our natural roots, but also bringing powerful and effective products to market that are backed by best-in-class skincare expertise,” Smith says. Disco partnered with dermatologist Eva Simmons-O’Brien, who is on faculty with Johns Hopkins School of Dermatology, to inform its formulations.

When it comes to the actual experience of using the products, I’ve found that Disco is great for those who want simplicity in their skincare routine, as the line is comprised of essential items that are housed in both smart and fun packaging. “We aim to create a unique packaging experience,” says Smith. “For example, our eye cream is packaged in a reinforced glass stick applicator that allows you to take it with you on the go. Our cleanser is also delivered in deodorant-stick style form factor that ensures newcomers to cleansing enjoy their first experience with such a product.”

Most items have a clean, if unobtrusive eucalyptus scent, which brings a hint of luxury (think: Equinox Fitness Clubs), without offending those who prefer subtly-scented or even unscented products, like myself. Read on for more of my thoughts on Disco’s best hits.

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Repairing Eye Stick

Disco Eye Stick
Disco Eye Stick $32.00

This eye stick helps minimize dark circles and puffiness with the help of caffeine and niacinamide. It also contains vitamin C, which can help brighten up the area. The eucalyptus swirled in the lightweight formula feels refreshing and carries a very faint scent that does not irritate eyes.

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Charcoal Face Cleanser Stick

Disco Face Cleanser
Disco Charcoal Face Cleanser Stick $16.00

This charcoal-based formula glides over your face and neck without any tug and lathers as you add water. It’s also spiked with eucalyptus, which can help refresh your skin and awaken your senses.

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Mineral Sun Block

Disco Mineral Sun Block
Disco Mineral Sun Block $30.00

Sunscreen is an essential step in every skin care routine. (We can’t say this enough.) This product blends into your skin leaving no white cast or greasy finish. It’s formulated with anti-aging ingredients like tripeptide, which is great for collagen production. The product has a rich consistency, so a little bit goes a long way.

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Exfoliating Face Scrub

Disco Scrub
Disco Exfoliating Face Scrub $22.00

Before shaving, I always aim to remove dirt, oil, and dead skin. Enter the Disco Face Scrub. This face scrub contains papaya extract to help slough off the stuff that can clog pores (and result in ingrown hairs). I use it to prep my skin for a close shave.

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Face Mask

Disco Face Mask
Disco Purifying Face Mask $34.00

Unlike other masks that have you unsure if it’s dry or not, this clay pick actually shifts to a smoky color when it’s ready to be washed off. Its use of bentonite clay and charcoal helps draw out excess oil and prevent breakouts, while the willow bark extract in the formula helps soothe skin and reduce puffiness. It’s become one of my go-to masks, as I saw these changes in my skin instantly.

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Body Wash

Disco Body Wash
Disco Body Wash $20.00

This body wash has you covered from the neck down. (After all, the skin on your body has different needs than that of your face.) It’s swirled with ingredients like aloe, which helps moisturize your body without leaving a film, and horsetail, which helps remove dead skin and stimulate new cell growth. The product is scented with eucalyptus and recommended for those with sensitive to normal skin.

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