Are All-Pure Tampons Actually Higher for You?


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You is likely to be a creature of behavior who has purchased the identical sort of tampons since your teenage years, or you could possibly spend 10 minutes within the aisle of the pharmacy considering which tampons to purchase each single time it’s worthwhile to restock (we get it: There are *so* many choices nowadays). Or possibly, you fall someplace in between. Both manner, it’s vital to remain knowledgeable on the most recent within the wellness world, and at the moment we’re right here to maintain you updated on menstrual merchandise. Do you have to be utilizing all-natural tampons, or is the non-organic model completely positive?

Some say non-organic tampons will be dangerous to your well being, however is that this truly true? We wished to get an correct verdict, so to seek out out, we reached out to 2 board-certified gynecologists who know finest. Maintain studying for all it’s worthwhile to know on all-natural tampons and whether or not you need to make the change.


What Are Natural or All-Pure Tampons?

All-natural tampons are made out of natural supplies, similar to cotton, and are freed from unstable natural compounds (VOCs). VOCs are a bunch of chemical compounds present in many alternative merchandise and should have opposed well being results, based on the US Environmental Safety Company.

“VOCs in tampons will be absorbed within the vagina after which transported into the bloodstream and have an effect on our our bodies with repetitive exposures,” Dr. Azumah says.

How All-Pure Tampons Are Totally different

Natural tampons are usually product of 100% cotton. In the meantime, non-organic tampons will be product of cotton, rayon, or each. Non-organic tampons might include dyes, fragrances, bleaches, and even hint quantities of pesticides.

Dangers of Utilizing All-Pure Tampons

There aren’t any recognized dangers to utilizing natural or all-natural tampons. Nevertheless, many individuals imagine that they forestall poisonous shock syndrome from occurring, which isn’t essentially true. “This uncommon, however critical, situation can happen no matter whether or not you might be utilizing natural or common tampons,” Hack says.

When you spend any time on wellness TikTok, you’ve most likely seen at the least one put up proclaiming that some tampons—each natural (or all-natural) and non-organic—include a chemical known as titanium dioxide. However is titanium dioxide in tampons one thing it’s worthwhile to fear about? Dr. Hack explains to us that titanium dioxide is a chemical present in hint quantities in tampons and different menstrual merchandise, and it’s used to make the white colour of the merchandise seem brighter. “Dioxin is a byproduct of titanium dioxide—it’s been proven to be carcinogenic and to disrupt hormones in animal research when ingested.”

However there’s little scientific proof exhibiting how titanium dioxide impacts the human physique. One research discovered that titanium dioxide will be dangerous and lead to lung most cancers when ingested, however there isn’t a lot different data proper now to help that titanium dioxide in natural or all-natural tampons may very well be dangerous to people. Moreover, the quantity of titanium dioxide in tampons is probably going small. Lengthy story brief: “There may be not sufficient proof right now to recommend that the quantities current in tampons are harmful,” Dr. Hack says.

All-Pure Tampons vs. Non-Natural Tampons

Deciding which kind of tampon to make use of is a matter of private desire. “Right now, there isn’t a proof to recommend that non-organic tampons are dangerous to your well being,” Hack says. There’s additionally no proof to point out that all-natural tampons are higher on your well being.

That stated, Dr. Azumah factors out that utilizing natural tampons decreases the quantity of VOC compounds absorbed by the physique. Some folks additionally report experiencing much less menstrual ache when utilizing natural tampons, however there isn’t quite a lot of science to again this up as of now.

Dr. Azumah says that if somebody has the means and the selection to buy and use all-natural tampons, they need to think about doing so, because it decreases the chance of publicity to VOCs. Reusable menstrual cups and pads are different choices for many who need to keep away from tampons totally. That stated, she believes everybody ought to select what’s finest for them primarily based on elements like funds, household historical past, and long-term well being objectives.

The Last Takeaway

Within the debate between non-organic and all-natural tampons, it’s a toss-up. Utilizing natural and all-natural tampons reduces your publicity to VOCs in addition to dyes, fragrances, bleaches, and different components, although the long-term results of this publicity are unclear. And regardless of all of the chatter on social media, there isn’t any scientific analysis to help claims that titanium dioxide in tampons is dangerous to well being.

When you’ve got questions on what sort of tampon to make use of, do not hesitate to make an appointment to talk along with your gynecologist about it. Whereas on the finish of the day, which menstrual product to make use of will depend on what you and your supplier assume is finest, it’s vital to make tampon security a precedence, together with not utilizing tampons for greater than eight hours at a time.


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