Fashionable girls have to “contrive” in their clothes!


Every year, the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival is worth seeing, and this year, almost everyone’s social platforms are madly screened by Anne Hathaway. The temperament beauties who amazed everyone back then are still online, and their fashion aesthetics are not behind at all!

A blue leather stitching dress shows a modern style, and the hollow design on the back and chest of this small dress shows Anne Hathaway’s fair skin and compact figure in a “silent” way. The essence of the hole suit is easily grasped by the goddess.

The hollow design is often the biggest highlight of female star dresses. Saoirse Ronan chose a close-fitting black sequin dress when accompanying her boyfriend to attend the Cannes Film Festival. The two hollow parts are decorated with tulle, and the looming sexy is simple. The dress adds a lot of points.

Even if they don’t wear exquisite dresses, girls often choose pierced outfits in their daily outfits to make their outfits more colorful. Just like Bella Hadid, no matter how simple clothes are, they can become fashionable and trendy.

Clavicle, shoulder and neck, front back, as long as you make small cuts in the parts you want to expose, you can make yourself the most modern existence on the street!

The cut-out dress is far easier to control than imagined. The symmetrical hole design on the collarbone and waist can add a touch of air to the original regular and ordinary clothes. With a tulle see-through skirt, the overall shape is refreshing and uncoordinated.

It is not only the upper body that can be designed with holes. A simple pair of fringed trousers can be transformed into a modern hot girl in minutes by hollowing out a pair of fringed trousers. Clothes of different colors and holes will also produce “surprise surprises”, such as fluorescence. With the blessing of the opening design, the pink tight-fitting suit has become a new trend of Y2K style.

Fashion contains infinite possibilities. When the hole element is presented in a large area, it will reach the highest state of “freedom of skin exposure”. The skin is light and transparent from the hollow design, showing sexy perfection and purity, making the overall shape more interesting.

Fashionable girls are far bolder than you think. Punk-style chains and chessboard Grace fabrics are spliced ​​together to form an extremely sexy hollowed-out long skirt, which winds from shoulders to ankles, and a large area of ​​exposed skin shows a clever outfit Thought, the hollow design makes the boundaries between sexy and subtle gradually disappear.

Follow the show to hit the trend!

The resurgence of hole-breaking elements has long been captured by fashion week. Miu Miu’s 2022 autumn and winter show pays tribute to tradition through fashion, cleverly using hollow design to show the style of sports tennis courts, breaking the professional dress code in the office, and conveying to modern women the need to stay active at all times. energy.

As a representative of street fashion, Off-White combines the elements of holes with playful knitting, and uses a small area of ​​dense openings to add a playful touch to the fashion, leading a new street fashion.

The hole element can be used as the highlight of a piece of fashion, or it can become the existence of decoration somewhere, but what remains the same is that with the blessing of details, the fashion will exude greater charm. Rosie Assoulin is well versed in this, in the neckline And the slit skirt and other places are designed in a hollow style, so that the fashion has as much agile rhythm as the dancing model.

The most “wild” brand in Milan’s fashion circle is Roberto Cavalli. The combination of minimalist design ideas and unique cutout shows the attitude of fashion trendsetters against the backdrop of light roses.

David Koma, who is famous for his hollow design, can always play sexy tricks while mastering the sense of fashion balance. The irregular geometric hollow processing on the chest, waist and other parts increases the visual layering, and the symmetrical ruby ​​opening tops further Depicting the curves of women’s bodies, the matching of black lines integrates elegance into the sexy.

Using butterflies as the inspiration for silhouette design is probably the unique whimsy of fashion designers! AREA, as always, boldly interprets sexy. The extensive use of flash diamonds shows the brilliance of confident girls. The dazzling light seems to announce to the world: There is no piece of clothing that I can’t hold!

A large area of ​​hollowing means breaking the boundaries between tradition and modernity, and it also allows the crisp silhouette to be presented in a more agile way. Alexander Wang joins hands with the sexy return of navel dresses, and the shapewear-like design is definitely the standard for hot girls. Once again confirmed the trend of Y2K style resurgence.

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