Salt Scrubs vs. Sugar Scrubs: How They Differ and Choosing the One for You


Exfoliation is a pure course of. Your pores and skin “is aware of” to shed lifeless pores and skin cells about each 30 days. However that does not imply we will not assist the method alongside. There are two forms of exfoliation: Chemical exfoliation is a course of the place you apply a focus of acid to assist take away the buildup of dry pores and skin. Mechanical exfoliation, however, makes use of bodily grit, like a scrub, to slough away lifeless and dry cells from the outermost layer of your pores and skin. As soon as the lifeless and dry pores and skin is eliminated, boring pores and skin regains its luster and radiance and infrequently has a glow and might really feel supple to the contact. When used on the face and physique, scrubs could be an invigorating a part of your self-care ritual, and could be loved for his or her sensory properties. Two of the commonest scrubs are made out of pantry staples—salt and sugar, every composed of pure grit. Whether or not formulated in a lab or in your very personal kitchen, these scrubs can have therapeutic properties and go away your pores and skin smooth and energized. However how have you learnt what system to use?

Forward, a renown dermatologist and Gradual Magnificence creator and Sparitual founder Shel Pink hold forth on salt scrubs vs. sugar scrubs.

Meet the Knowledgeable

  • Luigi L. Polla, MD, is a dermatologist and founding father of Perpetually Institut and Alchimie Perpetually.
  • Shel Pink is the creator of Gradual Magnificence and founding father of magnificence model Sparitual.

What Is a Salt Scrub?

Salt is a standard scrub ingredient, often known as a pure detoxifier and in addition for its grainy texture. Dermatologist Luigi L. Polla, MD, founding father of Perpetually Institut and Alchimie Perpetually, says though salt scrubs could be “wealthy in minerals [depending on the type of salt used], they are often very dehydrating.” He emphasizes they’re “by no means suited to dry, delicate pores and skin varieties. Salt scrubs will sometimes stimulate circulation and thus can result in redness.”

When selecting a salt scrub, search for high quality, mineral-rich salts like sea, epsom, and pink Himalayan, every with a bunch of detoxing properties. These are sometimes stuffed with magnesium, calcium, and potassium, which may profit pores and skin.

What Is a Sugar Scrub?

Sugar scrubs are additionally tremendous fashionable in skincare routines. In response to Polla, “sugar scrubs are sometimes much less abrasive than salt scrubs. Sugar is understood to assist draw water into the pores and skin.”

Pink, who makes use of coconut sugar in her line of physique polishes, says, “Coconut sugar comprises nutritional vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Used as an exfoliant, coconut sugar is a pure humectant, including moisture to the pores and skin, and gently exfoliates to slough off lifeless pores and skin cells and go away pores and skin with a wholesome glow. Coconut sugar can also be much less abrasive than utilizing salt in a scrub.”

One disadvantage from utilizing sugar scrubs, in keeping with Polla, is a situation known as superior glycation finish, which is actually when an accumulation of sugar contributes to the getting old properties of pores and skin. Polla warns that “pro-aging glycated proteins can accumulate within the pores and skin, destroying collagen and elastin and thus contributing to pores and skin getting old. I usually inform my sufferers to steer clear of any sugar elements (and from sugars in meals as properly!).” 

Restrict exfoliation to as soon as or two instances per week, in keeping with Polla.

Which One Is Proper for You?

Polla notes that when selecting a scrub, a very powerful issue is “to guarantee that any bodily particles are high-quality, clean, and never too abrasive in order that no micro-wounds are created within the pores and skin.” When you select a harsh mechanical exfoliant, your pores and skin can grow to be infected.

Keep in mind that, in keeping with Polla, it’s best to by no means apply a salt or sugar scrub to sunburned pores and skin or “in any other case infected pores and skin (for instance, instantly post-procedure).”

Backside line: Individuals with delicate pores and skin ought to go for a sugar scrub with high-quality grit.

Tips on how to Make Your Personal Salt and Sugar Scrubs

DIY scrubs is usually a enjoyable and simple recipe to take pleasure in—however not everyone seems to be a proponent of the observe. “I don’t imagine in DIY recipes for skincare, scrubs or in any other case,” notes Polla. “Skincare product formulation is a real science that have to be realized, and the method is just not replicable at dwelling.”

In fact, do you have to expertise any response from a DIY recipe, cease utilizing it instantly. Though Pink has spent many years with formulators to create her spa-quality line of merchandise for Sparitual, she additionally shares two DIY recipes so that you can make your individual scrubs at dwelling.

Forward, Pink shares her DIY recipe for a sugar scrub.

Pink's DIY Lavender, Matcha, and Avocado Oil Spring Exfoliating Powder

  • 1 cup coconut sugar
  • 1 ½ teaspoons matcha tea powder
  • 2 tablespoons avocado oil
  • 3–5 drops lavender important oil

“In a bowl, whisk collectively the sugar and matcha tea till absolutely blended. Add the avocado oil and lavender important oil and proceed to whisk till the scrub is absolutely blended,” says Pink. “Use instantly or retailer in an hermetic container at room temperature, and use inside seven days.”

“The recipe creates an exfoliating powder, so it has a finer texture than a standard sugar scrub,” explains Pink. “I want coconut sugar as a result of it has extra vitamins and it’s a pure humectant. It’s meant to be brushed onto dry pores and skin in fast motions together with your hand. Exfoliate towards your coronary heart to extend the blood movement. Whenever you’ve completed brushing, rinse the scrub off with heat water.”

Forward, Pink shares her DIY recipe for a salt scrub.

Pink's DIY Basil, Maca, and Sunflower Summer season Salt Scrub

  • 2 cups unrefined sea salt
  • 1 tablespoon maca root powder
  • ¾ cup sunflower oil
  • 3–5 drops holy basil important oil

“In a bowl, whisk collectively the salt and maca powder till absolutely blended. Maca tends to remain clumped, so remember to break down the clumps previous to including the oils,” Pink explains. “Add the sunflower oil and holy basil important oil, and proceed to whisk till all of the elements are absolutely blended. Use instantly or retailer in an hermetic container at room temperature, and use inside seven days.”

Pink advises to make use of this scrub within the bathe. “First, moist your complete physique after which start the exfoliation course of, paying particular consideration to dry spots, akin to elbows and ft. Use deeper strain as you exfoliate your pores and skin to alleviate muscle stress and stimulate circulation. If you find yourself achieved, rinse with heat water, and towel-dry.”

The Last Takeaway

In the case of selecting between a salt scrub and a sugar scrub, gauge the sensitivity of your pores and skin. Moreover, Polla advises you “understand that exfoliation occurs even with out ‘an exfoliator.’ For instance, shaving or utilizing a sonic cleaning brush counts as delicate exfoliation; even utilizing a wash material to clean your face is a sort of exfoliation.” So, you may need to modify your scrub routine accordingly. Whether or not you go for a sugar- or salt-based scrub will even rely upon how typically you incorporate different exfoliating practices into your each day skincare habits.

This Is the Proper Solution to Use a Sugar Scrub, In response to a Dermatologist

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