Do Hydration Multipliers Truly Work? We Examine


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“The key to my magnificence is ingesting a variety of water” … says each celeb ever. Whereas we all know that’s a load of hoopla (the key often includes Botox and genetics), there are such a lot of advantages to staying correctly hydrated. We’d like water to exist, in any case.

Nonetheless, most of us fail to drink the really useful 64 ounces of water every day, and that may result in dehydration. Dehydration means your physique loses extra fluids than you absorb—and when you do not care for it, it may well turn into a significant issue (you would possibly get complications, darkish urine, muscle cramps, and many others).

One hydration hack we’ve seen lately is hydration multipliers. However as a result of we’re cautious of “fast fixes,” we reached out to 2 specialists—inside and integrative medication doctor Dana Cohen, MD, and registered dietitian Charlotte Martin, MS, RDN—to get the lowdown on these so-called lifesavers. Are they protected, are they efficient, and the way do they really work? Learn on to seek out out.


What Is a Hydration Multiplier?

The time period “hydration multiplier” refers to oral rehydration options (ORS), that are a exact mix of sodium, potassium, glucose, and water. ORS merchandise can assist change electrolytes, fluids, and salts misplaced by way of train, ingesting alcohol, sickness, and different medical points that result in dehydration. “ORS merchandise hydrate quicker and extra successfully on their very own, which is why they’re sometimes called a hydration multiplier,” Cohen explains. “Hydration multipliers usually comprise salt (or sodium), potassium, and an added sugar supply,” Martin provides.

Oral rehydration options had been initially developed by the World Well being Group, and have since diminished childhood deaths from diarrhea in lots of international locations. There are greater than 50 years of analysis that validate the efficacy of ORS merchandise.

How Do Hydration Multipliers Work?

Many electrolyte dietary supplements are formulated with some quantity of glucose (sugar) to activate the physique’s sodium-glucose co-transport system and improve fluid and electrolyte absorption. “These create an osmotic pressure that pulls electrolytes and fluids into your system quicker than water alone,” Cohen explains.

What Are the Advantages of Hydration Multipliers?

Dehydration generally is a actual ache. Among the frequent indicators and signs of dehydration embrace complications, fatigue, dry pores and skin, constipation, stiffness, brittle hair, urine that’s darkish in shade, and muscle cramps. When you can’t appear to drink sufficient water and are vulnerable to dehydration, chances are you’ll profit from a hydration multiplier. “ORS merchandise are confirmed to hydrate as successfully as an IV drip and as much as two to a few occasions quicker than water alone,” Cohen says. “Additionally they change precious electrolytes misplaced on account of dehydration.”

When Ought to You Use Hydration Multipliers?

One of the best time to make use of hydration multipliers is when you find yourself dehydrated, comparable to when exercising or throughout (or after) ingesting alcohol.

The unique intent of electrolyte substitute options was to deal with these experiencing dehydration as a symptom of diarrhea. Hydration multipliers are a good suggestion when you’re coping with diarrhea, vomiting, or have a excessive fever and are having a tough time ingesting water, as they can assist replenish any misplaced fluids, electrolytes, and salts.

How Usually Can You Use Hydration Multipliers?

Each particular person is totally different. It seems protected to make use of them every day; nonetheless, it’s most likely pointless for most individuals to take action. “On common, most individuals lose 250 mg of sodium per half-hour of train, which might be round one serving,” Cohen says. You may as well monitor the colour of your urine, which ought to be a faint yellow shade. Whether it is fully clear, you might be possible ingesting an excessive amount of water and will substitute a few of the water you might be ingesting with a hydration multiplier to assist change electrolytes and retain fluids. In case your urine is darkish yellow, you might be dehydrated and may drink both water or a hydration multiplier.

Martin says that, until you’re an athlete or an avid exerciser, you most likely don’t want to make use of hydration multipliers repeatedly, and plain water will suffice more often than not. Nonetheless, when you’ve had a very sweaty exercise at some point—say, an outside exercise in the midst of summer season—a hydration multiplier can’t harm.

Though it varies from individual to individual, Cohen recommends ingesting one to 2 servings a day based mostly in your exercise stage and hydration wants.

The Greatest Hydration Multipliers on the Market 

Cure Hydrating Electrolyte Mixer
Treatment Hydrating Electrolyte Combine $22.00

Cohen’s favourite ORS, this decide “is a plant-based electrolyte combine made with coconut water and pink Himalayan salt, and no added sugar or synthetic elements.”

Nuun Hydration Sport
Nuun Nuun Sport $8.00

“I like Nuun as a result of it has much less sugar [than other supplements],” Martin says. “I additionally like how Nuun is available in tablets versus stick packs like many of the different electrolyte dietary supplements.”

The Last Takeaway

Hydration multipliers generally is a useful solution to improve fluid and electrolyte absorption and are protected for normal use (though some comprise giant quantities of sugar). For most individuals, plain water and electrolytes obtained from meals are sufficient to maintain you hydrated and maintain electrolytes in stability. Nonetheless, in lots of circumstances, a hydration multiplier can take absorption to the following stage, replenishing a few of the salts you lose when dehydrated. This fashion, you may keep away from unwanted effects comparable to headache, lightheadedness, and fatigue.

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