Shoulder Faucets: What They Are and Do Them


Woman performing a plank outdoors

Though shoulder faucets might seem much like a plank, they’re in reality an train all their very own. This high-energy, low-impact motion targets your shoulders (after all!), abs, and obliques, and also will have interaction the lower-back area because the core prompts to stabilize the complete physique.

As you shift the load from arm to arm, this train will spike your coronary heart price for a cardio increase, alongside its strengthening advantages. And as a bonus, your wrists and arms will develop stronger over time, making it simpler to bear extra weight and prop up the physique with out feeling the pressure.

Need to study extra? Get all the ideas and tips from the specialists beneath.


What Are Shoulder Faucets?

Shoulder faucets require you to the touch every hand to the alternative shoulder, that means it is an energetic motion. “As you convey your hand to satisfy the shoulder, it is advisable maintain your physique nonetheless in a plank place,” says Cat Kom, CEO and founding father of Studio SWEAT onDemand. “This makes them a total-body useful train that targets a number of teams, together with these deep core muscle groups, and (for posture) they enable you to observe sustaining a squared place in your hips and shoulders.”

Be aware to maintain the backbone in alignment, stabilize by the core, and keep away from any rotation of the hips to reap the complete advantages of this train.


However earlier than trying shoulder faucets, begin by getting all the way down to fundamentals. “Shoulder faucets are an effective way to boost your core workout routines, however ought to solely be carried out after confidently mastering a excessive plank maintain,” outlines Brittany Bowman, a private coach at DOGPOUND Los Angeles. It is because core energy is required to maintain the physique from swaying and the hips dipping.


Along with strengthening your arms, shoulders, and core, shoulder faucets:

  • Are Low Impression: Shoulder faucets require no leaping or “jolting” actions and are due to this fact gentler on the physique in contrast with workout routines like plank jacks. This makes them an appropriate strength-building exercise for these avoiding high-impact sports activities.
  • Require No Tools: Excellent for on-the-go exercises, shoulder faucets require simply your physique weight! The one addition you would possibly think about is inserting a mat beneath you to supply cushioning to your palms.
  • Can Enhance Posture: Given the elongation of the backbone and cautious positioning of the physique, shoulder faucets naturally encourage good posture, which might help you stand taller.
  • Are Versatile: Throw them right into a strength-training, HIIT, or core exercise as a complementary train. You may also make them simpler by executing them in your knees, or up the problem in an incline place.

Correct Shoulder Faucet Type

Comply with our step-by-step information from the specialists to discover ways to do shoulder faucets with correct kind.

  1. Decrease down onto the mat and transfer your physique right into a excessive plank place, along with your fingers positioned instantly beneath your shoulders. If a full plank is simply too troublesome, drop all the way down to your knees and/or step your toes hip-width aside for extra stability.
  2. Whereas squeezing your core and holding hips and shoulders sq. to the bottom, press into your proper hand as you faucet your left palm to your proper shoulder.
  3. Change the faucet to your left shoulder along with your proper palm.
  4. Make sure that your shoulders are down and relaxed all through the motion, and be careful for any swaying of the hips.
  5. Alternate between each side for round 10–20 seconds (for novices) and improve the time and/or reps as you acquire energy and confidence.

“The aim is to keep away from rocking facet to facet and any type of twisting movement, so hold checking that your hips are parallel to the bottom,” says Bowman.


There are numerous methods to scale back or add depth to the train, relying in your health objectives and core energy. “If you wish to modify, begin by inserting your fingers on an elevated floor (akin to a excessive field, block, or step) along with your knees hip-width aside on the bottom,” explains Bowman. “As you get stronger, you may come to the bottom in your knees after which ultimately onto your fingers in a full plank.”

From there, you may problem your muscle groups additional. “Attempt holding your hand on the alternative shoulder for 3–5 seconds for added core activation, or, in case you are finishing your shoulder faucets from a excessive plank, you may strive lifting your alternate leg as you faucet it out,” provides Kom.

The important thing to shoulder faucets is sustaining stability within the physique, so earlier than progressing the motion, observe holding your self in place as you faucet fingers to your shoulders. As soon as you’ll be able to management any sway within the hips, it is time to progress to the subsequent degree.

Security Concerns

“As with every train, be sure you are performing shoulder faucets with correct kind to keep away from harm,” Kom says. Concentrate on hips sagging, which provides undesirable stress to the decrease again, or shifting too quick through the motion, which causes jolts within the physique that take away focus from the core. “Begin off slowly—particularly when you have weaker wrists or shoulders, as this train can add pressure to these areas—and work as much as larger reps,” says Kom.

If not sure, kick issues off with a neater modification to good your kind firstly. For instance: “Coming all the way down to your knees and elevating your fingers will take away some stress off the wrists,” suggests Bowman. Or, drop to your knees (with management) after every alternating faucet for a second to relaxation and reset.

The Last Takeaway

Shoulder faucets are designed to focus on the arms, shoulders, and core (particularly the decrease again), do not require gear, and are carried out by tapping every palm to the alternative shoulder whereas holding a steady plank place. They are often modified by dropping to your knees or utilizing an elevated floor, akin to a block, or made tougher by elevating the toes. This train must be averted should you undergo from any continual wrist, shoulder, or lower-back accidents, and ensure your hips are parallel to the ground along with your backbone aligned through the motion. There shouldn’t be any sway in your hips; fairly, stabilize by the core to execute shoulder faucets with correct management.


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